Communication technologies in Africa in the 21st century are impacting society and the Church. While Daystar University will continue to provide, with other Christians, academic leadership to the church in Africa so as to address through research, education, and consultation, the economic, social, political, post-colonial, and conflict communication challenges of African societies and those issues unique to the church of Christ, the Ph.D. in Communication seeks to provide further education for aspiring servant leaders desiring to integrate their Christian faith with their communication skills, creative abilities and knowledge of communication and the arts in an African context.

    Our programme seeks to equip our graduates on two levels: intellectual and spiritual. On the intellectual front, we aspire to instil within the framework of African values the following qualities in our graduates: critical and creative thinking skills; confidence to commit to African ideas and values; an understanding of the larger context in which they live; opportunity to develop competence to compete in academic, corporate, and governmental arenas.


Spiritually, the programme seeks to enable graduates to do the following: know God through Christ as Saviour within an African context; develop an individual, authentic walk with Him; share that journey with others; find a purpose and a calling; and develop the skills to pursue that calling.

Finally, in producing a network of Ph.D graduates, Daystar seeks to empower Christians with a powerful voice in our global society through, development and health communication channels, through corporate communication networks, through both print and electronic media, through media professionalism, teaching and academic scholarship.


Admission Requirements

Admission to the doctoral programme is limited to one intake annually, comprising a 5-10 member student cohort of candidates of exceptionally high competence and promise. All applicants must meet the entry requirements of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, Daystar University. Specifically, the students wishing to enter the Ph.D in Communication program must hold a Master’s degree in Communication. The admission requirements normally include:

  • Evidence of devotion to Christ and good standing with their churches as stipulated in Daystar University’s Charter Section 5(1);

  • A 3.00 (on 4.00 system) grade point average in Master of Arts in Communication with thesis or a Master of Arts in Communication without thesis but with at least two research-based papers published in refereed journals.

  • For students whose medium of instruction is not English, and who have not earned an earlier degree at a college or university at which the teaching language is English, a score of 250 out of 300 (computer assisted)/ 500 out of 677 (manual) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required.


Requirements for Graduation

In order to graduate, a student must successfully complete the 60 credit hours comprising 21 credit hours dissertation, 24 credit hours of core course and 15 elective credit hours chosen from specialization courses and a professional development course as specified below:



   General Education Core Courses


   Statistics and Research Methods Courses


   Communication Core Courses


   Communication Elective Courses


   Professional Development Course







Important Downloads

    Dissertation Writing Guidelines
    DU ERB Application Form Prospective research
    PhD Communication General Information
   Universities Standards and Guidelines June 2014
   Application Guidelines for DU-ERB Review