The School of Social Sciences houses the Departments of Psychology, Counseling and Child Development; Development Studies and Child Institute. Welcome to the School of Human and Social Sciences whose objective is holistic service to all humankind through Novelty, Quality and Integrity. This is based on Daystar University’s Mission of developing “managers, professionals, researchers and scholars to be effective Christian servant-leaders through the integration of Christian faith and holistic learning for the transformation of church and society in Africa and the World.”

    As a School we are committed to providing holistic education that transforms our graduates to become change agents in the communities and empowers them to free people from their incapacitating limitations. We believe that human beings have the desire to realize their potentials in life and given a chance, they can enjoy fuller lives.

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The Institute of Child Development is the premier center of excellence in Holistic Child Development studies in Africa. The Institute was organized in the year 2000 with the aid of funds from Compassion International and established as an integral part of Daystar University. It was founded in the belief that the scientific study of child development was essential to the promotion of child welfare.

The Institute of Child Development strives to equip child facilitators with knowledge to help children suffering the effects of early trauma, abuse, neglect and social deprivation. Through the Child Therapy, Family Studies and Integrated studies specializations, the Institute offers courses that deepen understanding about the complex needs of children and how and why these harmful experiences can impair development and lead to physical, social, behavioral and emotional problems.

The institute also offers courses that provide practical interventions that anyone can use to help children heal and reach their highest potential.
At Daystar, we pride to bring into the academic arena Child Development studies that aim to train our graduate students to have the heart of God as they care and serve children, families and societies. At Daystar University, we believe that the first years of life matters most and that what happens to children in these years will eventually shape their capacity to learn, to work, to live and to attain eternity. Children therefore need proper guidance to attain their full potential.

At the Institute of Child Development, we uphold the belief that God is the protector and friend of needy children and He expects Christians today to be their protector and friend. Children are a significant part of the Mission of Daystar University of fulfilling the mandate to care for children. Through the Institute for Child Development, Daystar University feels called to this mission.



The Child Development Programme

Child development has four aspects of growth and development: COGNITIVE, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL. Children are to be nurtured in these four domains so that they can grow and develop as Jesus did “in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52). Through a knowledgeable and skilled interaction of adults and children, children experience proper care and the love of Christ in their lives, and are able to express the same to others.


The Child Development Programme aims to equip Christian Professionals in the field of ministry to children with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand every aspect of a child’s growth and developmental process. Our curriculum is well designed and contextualized to ensure the implemented interventions for children take into account the unique social, economic, and cultural contexts in which African children operate.


The course offerings in Child Development are carefully designed to give our students research-based knowledge relevant to ministry to children in the public, private and in Faith Based Organizations engaged in ministry with children. The courses enhance professional development that emphasize the relationships, competencies and knowledge Christian Professionals in the field of ministry to children should have to connect well with children and families and to serve them well.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to do the following:

  • Identify development needs of children;
  • demonstrate skills of child assessment, diagnosis and intervention;
  • present a systemic framework of their clinical practice as marriage, family and child therapists;
  • analyze and present a clinical case study using one of the major family studies, child Therapy and child development models;
  • demonstrate awareness of contextual issues in Child and Family therapy;
  • use relevant legal and ethical standards on their work with families and children;
  • undertake scientifically based assessments of prevention, intervention and educational strategies for children and families;
  • undertake research in the field of marriage, family and children;
  • use the relevant legal and ethical standards in their work with families and children;
  • present a systemic framework of their clinical practice as marriage, family and child therapists;
  • apply a contextual consciousness to professional practices with marriage, families and children;
  • design, implement and evaluate Child Development programs/ projects;
  • apply biblical principles to professional practice and service delivery within the field of marriage, family and children.

The Institute of Child Development would like to extend a warm welcome to our incoming and continuing graduate students. Over the past years, the institute has undergone tremendous change in terms of growth in faculty, student enrollment, and scholarship. The institute is comprised of excellent faculty and staff who are committed to teaching and scholarship and to making your academic learning a priority.

Our faculty members are among the best within their fields of expertise and have been trained at various reputed national and international Universities. They have been recognized within the university and worldwide for their, research and teaching. They have worked hard to maintain the integrity and quality of the program by conducting cutting-edge research and scholarship in action projects.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to train and learn with us and hope that your academic experience will be enriching and fruitful. We expect that our students are committed to learning and academic scholarship and will enjoy their academic experiences here.


Also see Programs under: Department of Psychology & Counseling | Development Studies