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    Admission Requirements for the Program

    Applicants wishing to join this programme must have at least a C+ (C Plus) or better overall average grade in KCSE, or equivalent examination for students who have gone through other systems.


Additional Requirements for the Program

In addition, a candidate must fulfill at least one of the following requirements

  1. Have passed the KCSE (or equivalent) with a grade C+ or better in mathematics and English.
  2. Students having an A-level certificate must have at least two (2) principal passes of which one must be in mathematics.
  3. Students having an O-level certificate must have five (5) credits and must have a credit 4 or better in both Mathematics and English.
  4. A credit pass in a relevant ordinary diploma from a recognized tertiary institution.
  5. Hold a relevant Higher National Diploma.


Programme Objectives

The objectives of the programme are to prepare graduates:

1. For the following careers:

  • Insurance Companies: Valuing financial contracts and investing funds;
  • Consultancy: Offering advice to occupational pension funds and employee benefit plans;
  • Government Service: Supervising insurance companies and advising on the national insurance;
  • General: Stock exchange, industry, commerce and universities.

2. To continue their studies at the postgraduate level
3. To qualify in exams for professional bodies, for example International Society of Actuaries’ examinations, and
4. To conduct relevant research in the field


Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the Actuarial Science programme is expected to:

1) apply knowledge of calculus, probability, and statistics to actuarial analysis;
2) relate economics and finance knowledge to basic business sense;
3) demonstrate advanced knowledge of interest theory, actuarial mathematics, and contingency theory;
4) apply fundamental actuarial and statistical methods for quantitatively assessing risk;
5) evaluate a problem and model a solution using advanced actuarial and statistical methods;
6) apply the theoretical basis of actuarial models to insurance and other financial risks;
7) solve business problems following the steps involved in the modeling process;
8) use basic computer skills including knowledge of software packages for statistical analysis; and
9) develop solid written and oral communication skills.


Duration and Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science shall typically extend over a period of four academic years, unless Senate on recommendation of the School Board of Examiners approves exemption. To graduate in Actuarial Science, a candidate will be expected to register for, complete and pass a minimum of 149 credit-hours, divided as follows: 118 credits required in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics and computer Science and 31 credits from General Education courses. Students must achieve an overall GPA of 2.00 and a GPA of 2.00 in the required courses in their major in order to graduate.


Also See Programs Under: Science & Engineering | Computer Science | Nursing Department