PROF. MICHAEL BOWEN (mbowen@daystar.ac.ke)
1.    Risk Management as a Way of Reducing Poverty in the Semi-arid Lands of Kenya
2.    Management of Business Challenges Among Small and Micro Enterprises in Nairobi-Kenya
3.    The Demand and Conservation of Herbal Medicines among The Poor in the Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya
4.    The Diffusion Of Agricultural Innovations: The Effectiveness Of Communication Channels Used In The Improved Pigeonpea    Varieties In Makueni County
5.    Integrating participatory communication into slum upgrading in Kibera: The case of the Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme    communication strategy
6.    The Perceptions of Residents Towards Forest Conservation: The Case of Elgeyo Escarpment Forest
7.    The Role of Agency Banking In Improving Financial Access in Kenya: Case Study of Langata Constituency, Nairobi, Kenya



   DR. LABAN CHESANG (lchesang@daystar.ac.ke)
1.    Broad versus targeted government spending and fiscal response
2.    The long-run relationship between inflation and real stock prices: Empirical evidence from South Africa
3.    Bank lending shocks, monetary policy and economic activity in South Africa: Evidence from a Markov switching structural BVAR
4.    Parameter uncertainty and inflation dynamics in a model with asymmetric Central Bank preferences



   DR. JAMES NGONDI KARAU (jkarau@daystar.ac.ke)
1.    Institutional, Governance and Economic Factors Influencing Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in East Africa



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