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    It is indeed a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the site of the Science department here at Daystar University.

    Since its inception, Science department has been home to all the Science-based general education courses which are required in the liberal arts degree programmes we offer at Daystar University.

    In line with the university vision and mission, the department has also continued to develop Science majors in various disciplines.


The department has continued to develop Science majors in various disciplines:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  2. Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science
  3. Bachelor of Science in Physics
  4. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
  5. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.
  6. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

Since the university offers degrees in education, we are in this respect host to many teaching subjects.
We are true to our faculty motto of Science for Service...

We have state of the art facilities including modern laboratories in the new Science building. The Science department is manned by dedicated staff and faculty who are committed to ensure integration of faith and learning of Sciences takes place.


Also See Programs Under: Acturial Science Department| Nursing Department



    The Computer Science department aims at fostering a conducive environment for learning and research through use of appropriate computing technologies in its everyday activities.

    We seek to become a leading department for teaching, research and outreach in Computer Science and Information Technology. The role of Computer Science’s department is to equip its students with degree level expertise and appropriate skills in the field of computer science and who will be able to serve nationally and internationally as software and web programmers, systems analysts, and database and network administrators.


Depending on their focus within the Applied Computer Science program, the graduates who have completed this program are be able to serve in the financial sector, IT business, industry and education. They are also ready to continue postgraduate studies in areas of Computer Science, Knowledge Management, and Information Systems and Technology.

Research and publication is also a significant part of Computer Science’s Department. The department’s academic team is a combination of seasoned and budding researchers who are currently conducting research and projects in the broad area of Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology.


Also See Programs Under: Acturial Science Department| Nursing Department