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Prevalence and Predictors of Alcohol Use among Female Patients Living with HIV/AIDS in Machakos County, Kenya 

Lucy Njiru, Tangaza University College; Alice Munene, Psy.D., Daystar University; and Rebecca Oladipo, Ph.D., Daystar University


Increased alcohol consumption is associated with sexual risky behaviour, poor quality of life, poor antiretroviral adherence, and increased morbidity among people living with HumanImmunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of alcohol use among females living with HIV in Machakos County, Kenya. This study also sought to assess demographic factors that act as predictors of alcohol use in the study population. A sample size of 313 participants was selected using convenience sampling technique as they received HIV outpatient care in selected hospitals in Machakos County. The research used CAGE questionnaire and researcher-generated socio-demographic questionnaire to collect the data. The results of the study showed the prevalence of alcohol use among female participants aged 20-29 was 4.5%, among those aged 30-39 at 8.6%, and 16% among participants aged 40-50. The test for odds ratio revealed that marital status, attending religious service, employment status, and health status were significantly related to alcohol use among the participants. On the other hand, age, level of education, financial constraints and having strong family support were insignificantly related to alcohol use. Multinomial regression statistics showed that being divorced, separated, attending religious service, full-time employment status, verbal stigmatization, and poor health status were predictors of alcohol use among female patients living with HIV (p’s ˂0.05). It is concluded that in order to avert the negative impacts of alcohol use on health outcomes among HIV patients, early screening for alcohol use, and appropriate interventions in managing life issues need be prioritized in HIV care clinics in Kenya.

Keywords: alcohol use, prevalence, predictors of alcohol use, HIV.

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