Alumni Class of 2000 Holds Reunion

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Every year during graduation, Daystar University honours its alumni who graduated 20 years back. This year, the university honoured the class of 2000.

Daystar University Alumni Association (DUAA) organizes and coordinates the event which includes, inviting the Class being honoured to attend the graduation ceremony, giving awards and the order of the towel and planning a homecoming reunion, where the Class being honoured is taken on a tour of the main campus. This year, due to Covid-19 protocols, Maryanne Musungu represented the class of 2000 during the 43rd graduation ceremony.

On Saturday 12th December 2020, the class of 2000 reunited at Daystar University, Nairobi campus, in the DAC Auditorium for breakfast with the Vice-chancellor, Prof. Ayiro, Deputy vice chancellor (DVC) Academic, Research and Student Affairs (ARSA), Prof Faith Nguru, DVC Finance, Administration & Planning, Dr. Muturi Wachira, Director, Resource Mobilization Projects and Partnerships, Prof Bernard Boyo and Director academic programmes, Dr. Samuel Muriithi.

The class received a warm welcome from Ms. Rose Mwaura, the DUAA Chair and Ms. Magdaline Kiyeng, DUAA Secretariat. Speaking to the Class, Ms. Rose encouraged the Class of 2000 members to visit the alma mater and shared the value of giving back. She likened the experience of giving back to visiting your parents. She mentioned that when visiting parents, we carry gifts to give them, to this regard, the Class was encouraged to support the VC to complete the perimeter wall. Ms. Rose reported that the Phase one of the perimeter wall was 75% complete. She led by example and gave her support towards the project and this spurred member of the class to give their pledges towards the wall completion project.

In his address to the Class of 2000, the Vice-chancellor outlined the current development projects in the university, these include revision of the Charter, gym construction, replacement of asbestos roofing, refurbishment of the communication studios at Nairobi campus, and construction of the chapel among many others.

Prof. Ayiro noted that one’s mother is a mother regardless of the flaws they may have “Even if your mother has one eye, she is still your mother,” he observed, further encouraging the class to join in and support him in taking Daystar to the next level.

Prof. Ayiro also announced that an Alumni Account with KCB was set up, to enable Alumni to participate in self-initiated projects, unhindered. In addition, Prof. Faith Nguru said that the University shall be calling the Alumni for a boot camp to help the students bridge the gap between the classroom and the job market.

“Those who came ahead of us did their part, we are committed to moving the University to the next level. We want to accomplish the mission of our founding fathers,” said Dr. Muturi Wachira. Dr Samuel Muriithi also encouraged the members of the Class to come back and help mentor the students and give their input to help in improving programmes offered at Daystar.

The class was presented with the second Order of the Towel as a reminder of their call to servanthood, a value entrenched in them throughout their study in Daystar University. To celebrate the Launch of the Class of 2000 Chapter, a cake was cut and shared.