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Visiting Faculty donate to Kibera Primary School and School Farms Kenya

Prof. Dale Johnson, Prof. LeAnn Johnson and their daughter Kristie Parkinson present farm implements to School Farms Kenya at the Kiserian farm

Daystar University visiting faculty Prof. Dale Johnson (University of Maryland University, USA), Prof. LeAnn Johnson (Shepherd University, USA), their daughter Kristie Parkinson donated clothing and stationery to FM Kibera primary school on 8th November 2022.  

“I want to thank the Johnsons and Kristie’s friends who have made this possible. Your generosity is going to make such a huge difference to our children and staff of this school in Kibera.  May you all be blessed,” said the school Headteacher. 

Daystar University Vice Chancellor Prof. Laban Ayiro, thanked Prof. Dale Johnson, Prof. LeAnn Johnson, Kristie Parkison and her friends in USA for the enthusiastic support and donations towards the school, and farm impliments donated to School Farms Kenya - a charity organization which supports vulnerable children in various schools and children centres across the country.  

“People like you truly make a difference in the world, and we are incredibly grateful! May God be glorified,” said Prof. Laban Ayiro.  

Prof. Dale and Prof. LeAnn Johnson, Kristie, and friends of Kriste have been instrumental in support of some charities in Kibera slum and primary schools around Daystar University Community.