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Home News > 18, Mar 2023
Daystar Red Cross Chapter Partners with Local Community in environmental clean-up

A section of Daystar University students who particiapted in the Clean up exercise

On 18th March, 2023, the Red Cross chapter of Daystar University teamed up with the Daystar Neighbours Association to clean-up the off-campus neighbourhood. The exercise which started at 7:00 am lasted three-and-a-half hours, ending at 10:30 am.

The clean-up exercise covered a wide area between Daystar University and Mombasa Road, and up to Daystar-Mulandi Primary School.

The objective was to create a clean and safe environment for the residents of the areas surrounding the Athi River Campus. The exercise also aimed at raising awareness in the local community about the importance of maintaining a clean environment. To this end, students interacted with the local residents, educating them on the dangers of improper waste disposal and the benefits of maintaining a clean environment.

The event was a success, with positive feedback coming from the local residents.