University Chaplaincy

Welcome to the University Chaplaincy

This is a section in the Community Life Department (CLD) which falls directly under the Vice Chancellor’s Division. We provide the general spiritual oversight through discipleship spiritual nurture programs, pastoral care and counseling to both the students and members of staff.

You are hereby invited to partner with the Chaplaincy in all aspects for the honor and glory God. Together we will become Christian servants whose character is sure to be founded on the knowledge and fear of God. And together we will transform the society in Africa and beyond. Chapel services are held twice a week and are the main occasion on which which the entire community gathers together for worship and fellowship on a regular basis.

On Tuesdays, Students and Staff meet for a chapel service whereas on Thursdays they attend small group bible study. The attendance is required of both staff and students. Chapel is an essential part of the university's regular weekly schedule and includes a variety of worship styles, musical programmes, bible studies, speakers, and drama activities. All staff and students of Daystar University are individually expected to be members of a church in which they worship and fellowship regularly. As a vital part of spiritual growth, they are also encouraged to serve the Lord in an active way through the programmes of their respective churches.

In addition, the Daystar Christian Fellowship (DCF), sends out numerous student ministry teams to reach out beyond the campuses with evangelistic outreaches, ministry among street children, and many other ministry opportunities. The university also organises weekly spiritual activities as given here below:


Small Groups

The Chaplaincy organises small groups to which every staff and student is assigned. The small groups meet once a week for prayer and Bible study. The main goal of the small group meetings is to provide a forum for spiritual growth.



The University Chaplain, the Assistant Chaplains, the Student Counsellors and other staff and faculty are available to counsel students in such areas as adjustment to life at DaystarUniversity, spiritual development, resolving personal problems, and making major life decisions.

In addition a large number of students have been trained as peer counsellors. As a Christian community, the Bible requires us to be our brother?s keeper. Therefore, every member of the Daystar University Community is expected to be sensitive to the needs of others around them.


Daystar Christian Fellowship (DCF)

Daystar Christian Fellowship (DCF) is a student-led group under the University Chaplaincy. The group has about 14 subcommittees where students develop their talents and nourish their faith through various activities e.g. singing, dancing, drama, and missions among other activities.



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