Nuru Counseling Center

Who we are

Nuru Counseling Centre is a ministry of Daystar University under the School of Human and Social Sciences. The Centre’s main objective is to promote psychological, mental, emotional as well as spiritual well-being to those that walk through its doors and beyond. Due to this, Nuru Counseling Centre, located behind the clinix in Nairobi campus and at the School of Human and Social Sciences in Athi River, is an intimate environment, with counseling rooms designed to make clients feel as comfortable as possible.

What we do

Nuru Counseling Centre offers free counseling to Daystar students through the help of qualified student counselors. The centre is also open to Daystar staff as well as outsiders at affordable rates. We also host support groups every day at 3:30 for various issues:

Monday 12 step group (for addictive behaviours)
Tuesday Life Group (For chronic illnesses or disabilities)
Wednesdays Health Awareness Day
Thursday Hope Group (For trauma related issues, e.g. rape, violence etc)
Friday Family Group (For family related issues)

Nuru is also a place set aside for psychology and counseling students at all levels to gain experience and be able to put theory into practice. It is for this reason that we also offer supervised internship opportunities to our students to help sharpen their skills as well as expose them to other work related experiences such as administration. We also offer personal therapy to students of psychology and counseling at a subsidized rate.


How we do it


The Centre also has a total of 48 counselors, some of whom are currently enrolled into the University’s Ph.D Program in Counseling Psychology. These counselors are qualified and are able to professionally handle a wide range of issues. We also work with students and staff in various departments of the Daystar community


Contact Us

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