Mission & Objectives


    DLPDI exists to support the vision and mission of Daystar University by providing Christ-Centerd specialized education and services to leaders of churches, Christian institutions and individuals involved in serving the wider society so as to enhance biblical values, professionalism, and excellence for the transformation, reformation, and renewal of the Church and society in Africa and the world.



The objectives of DLPDI are to:

  1. Provide formal and non-formal training to Christians so as to equip them with specialized knowledge and work skills that enhance effectiveness and professionalism in the service to the Church and society;
  2. Offer training that promotes biblical values of integrity, excellence, and a holistic view of life and ministry among Christians as servant leaders to the Church and society;
  3. Coordinate and facilitate consultation, networking, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences among Church leaders, Christian professionals and institutions for the purpose of advancing knowledge, biblical values and promoting social and spiritual renewal and transformation in the Church and society;
  4. Provide opportunities for and to facilitate the Daystar University staff, faculty, and students to minister and serve the Church and society.