Daystar University Institutional Scientific and Ethical Review Committee (DU-ISERC)

Proposal Submission  Guidelines

Submitting an Application

The Daystar University Institutional Scientific and Ethical Review Committee (DU- ISERC) receives research proposals for Ethical Review from applicants through the ISERC Centre housed within the university’s Directorate of Research & Graduate Studies.

ISERC Applications are uploaded on Thesis Management System (TMS) using the below link:
-Daystar university students / Researchers:
-External students / Researchers:

All researches must obtain approval from DU-ISERC or any other Ethics Review Board/Committee accredited by National Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation (NACOSTI).

Application Requirements

An application for review of the Ethics of proposed research should be submitted by a qualified researcher responsible for the ethical and scientific conduct of the study. This is done on a prescribed application form which can be downloaded from TMS or the university website:

These requirements will include the following:

  • The application form and its attachments
  • The documents should be written in English [documents written in other languages should be translated into English] at the expense of the applicant.
  • There shall be a fee for the review of every proposal which shall be determined from time to time by Daystar University ISERC. The current charges are as follows:-
    Application Fee

Payment is to be made to the ISERC Research center and a copy of the receipt attached to the application form.

Payment of review fees can be done through:-

  • Direct deposits to Daystar University accounts (visit the university website for the bank account details)
  • Mpesa (Preferred) ▪ Lipa na mpesa 
    ▪ Paybill 
    ▪ Business no. 209800 
    ▪ Account no. ISERC followed by your name 
    ▪ Amount: add Ksh. 50 to the review fee amount for bank transaction charges.

    Please note that normal review takes up to 21 days from the time the Reviewers are allocated protocols while the expediting reviews would mean emergency reviews or protocols reviewed within less than 21 days or to meet the required deadline.

  • Applicants are advised that DU-ISERC may subject proposals to a plagiarism check. Proposals that register a similarity index of more than 20% (for students) and 15% (for non-students) will require revision by the Author before being accepted by DU-ISERC for ethical review.
  • The acknowledgement of the application and a reference number is communicated to the applicant within reasonable time.
  • Where the DU-ISERC requests supplementary information or changes to documents from the applicant, such information should be provided to the ISERC within 14 days of such request.
  • Where clarification is sought and Researchers fail to respond within 14 days, DU-ISERC will send a reminder and allow a further 7 days period for response. Beyond this period, the application file will be closed.
  • A Researcher may be required to appear before DU-ISERC. In such a situation, sufficient notice will be given to the applicant.

Schedule for Submission of Proposals

  • DU-ISERC meets every first Friday of every Month except January.
  • The decision of DU-ISERC on a project proposal is communicated to the Principal Investigator of the project through the Secretary of the ISERC.
  • All communications to the DU-ISERC concerning project proposals should be directed to the Secretary of the DU-ISERC on email

Process of Extension of Ethical Clearance from DU ISERC

11.2.8. The approval of the research proposal shall be for a period of one year, at the end of which the Principal Investigator shall submit a progress report following which the approval may be extended if necessary.

Please note that the same details and conditions are contained in the Verdict letter issued to the student which states:

" The approval period for the research is between [date of approval] to [approval lapse date] after which the ethical approval lapses. Should you wish to continue with the research after the lapse, you will be required to apply for an extension from DU-ISERC at half the review charges."