Demystifying the 5G Network

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The 5th Generation Network also known as 5G has recently elicited a lot of discussion and questions in the world over. While those who readily embraced it saw it as a major development in advanced technology, others linked it to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic.

In a bid to clear the air and give an in-depth understanding about the 5G network, Daystar University School of Communication organized a virtual public lecture on September 17, 2020 dubbed, “Exploring the G5 Network”.

In his attempt to clarify the suspicion, the Deputy CEO for Government Affairs, Huawei Kenya, Mr. Adam Lane explained that COVID-19 has been there since 1937 whereas 5G came into existence in 2018. He further said that the International Commission on Radiological Commission (ICRC) which regulates the omissions of radioactivity gave Huawei go-ahead to launch the 5G network.

He also reiterated the numerous opportunities in agriculture, health, gaming, E-sport, music, and theatre. “Unlike its predecessors, 3G and 4G, the cost per gigabyte (GB) is affordable, has huge growth in mobile data, and more internet accessibility,” he said.