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Vice Chancellor welcomes new students and parents

On Monday 10th January, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Laban P. Ayiro addressed new students and their parents as the January semester orientation week kicked off.

The essence of the address was to welcome them to the Daystar fraternity and acquaint them with the University leadership, academic programs and environment.

In his address to new students and parents, the Vice Chancellor assured that the university was committed to offering meaningful learning that focuses on all aspects of the student’s life including their mental health.

“I want to assure you that Daystar is a serious and caring University that is committed to the growth, safety and transformation of its students so you made the right choice,” said Prof. Laban P. Ayiro.

“At Daystar we strive for excellence and are deliberate in our transformational approach to servant leadership. We believe excellence honours God and inspires other human beings. Count yourselves lucky to be at University where people fear God,” he added.

Prof. Ayiro cautioned the freshmen about getting swept away by bad company and urged them to remember the sacrifices of their parents that had enabled them to be at Daystar University.

“You have not come to Daystar University to cheat life therefore, if you are from a deprived background humble yourself for God to lift you up and if you are from a privileged background, thank God and serve others,“ he intimated, adding that scholarships are only given on the basis of merit and discipline.

He further lauded the founders, Dr. Don Smith and Faye Smith, and the first Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Talitwala for establishing strong ethos, and urged the students to uphold them

“Transforming Daystar University into an attractive University in Kenya and beyond is a mission I am prepared to die for,” said Prof. Laban Ayiro as he concluded his address.

The Deputy VC in charge of Academic, Research and Student Affairs Prof. Faith Nguru assured the new students that the University has people, systems and structures to support them to succeed.

While giving the exhortation, the University Chaplain, Rev. Steven Nduto thanked parents for entrusting their children to Daystar University as a second home, and encouraged them to support their children as they study.

Classes for the January 2022 Semester officially start on Monday 17th January following the end the freshmen orientation week on 15th January, and the return of continuing students after the Christmas break. We wish all students the best as they commence their studies.