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Children In Need Of Protection: Vulnerability And Utilization Of Available Justice System In Addressing Sexual And Physical Abuse Of Children 

Dorcas Mworsho (PhD Candidate), Los Angeles, Carlifornia, USA


Kenya has made great strides in establishing mechanisms to protect children from violence. However, research reveals that there is still widespread abuse of children at different levels in the society regardless of the systems and structures that have been put in place. Although some cases of intra-familial child sexual and physical abuse are reported, many go unreported because the majority of the perpetrators provide economic stability and leadership to the victims. These situations create dilemma of missing support as well as fear of intimidation coupled with stigmatization of the victims and the abusers as well. This paper points out that there has been relatively low sensitization on the available legal structures and recommends that a multi-disciplinary approach should be initiated and used where all stakeholders participate in addressing child abuse. Such a process should be respectful, sustainable and less stigmatizing.


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