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The Advancement Of Justice For Institutionalised Children With Disabilities In Remand Homes In Kenya 

Ruby Gowi, MA (Child Development), Roseline Olumbe (Phd, Candidate, Holistic Child Development)


This study examined the needs of children with disabilities in Nairobi Children’s Remand Home (NCRH). Children with disabilities stay at the remand home for a longer period as compared to non-impaired children, and sometimes the period is beyond the limit permitted by law. The objectives of this study were to identify the types of special needs among institutionalised children at NCRH; establish the psychosocial needs of the children at NCRH; and explore challenges faced by NCRH caregivers. The study adopted a descriptive design and combined both qualitative and quantitative approaches in data collection and analysis. Data was collected through interviews, self-administered questionnaires and observation checklist from 15 children and 20 staff members in the home purposively selected. The data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16. The study revealed that children at the remand home had different types of needs, which included; hearing, lower limbs, and upper body impairments, speech and learning difficulties, emotional maladjustments and psychosocial needs. Most of these needs were found to be inadequately met due to challenges faced by the home, such as lack of financial and professional capacity. The study recommended that government should increase the material and personnel resources allocated to the remand home, and that the institutional staff should be equipped to build their capacity in handling children with special needs.


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