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The Role Of The Church In Promoting Justice For Children: Best Practices From Compassion International In Partnership With Local Churches In Kenya 

Patricia Wanjala Mghendi (M.ED – Planning and Management), St. Paul’s University, Kenya | Brenda Milly Etukei, MA, Advanced Child Protection and MA – Rural Sociology and Community Development, Compassion International, Kenya


Justice has become a major concern in the world today. As nations implement the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, concern continues to rise on the role of various sectors and institutions in promoting justice for children. The Church plays an important role in communities as it is locally based and represents a major developmental institution, more so in Kenya where more than 82% of the population is Christian. This paper located theoretical frameworks that explain justice for children, documented best practices of Compassion’s work with the church highlighting gains in social justice and advocacy, networking, community mobilization, restorative justice and provision of safe havens for children. It also highlighted challenges the Church has faced in pursuit of justice for vulnerable children in abuse and exploitation and recommended actions towards building the capacity of the church in ensuring social and restorative justice for children. 

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