Library Membership

  1. All faculty, staff, and students of Daystar University must be registered as library members to enable them use the facility and borrow books. The student/staff identity card facilitates users borrowing of books and utilization of other library services.
  2. All categories of library materials are borrowed using the identity card. This includes reserve materials, newspapers and magazines.
  3. The Daystar University identity card must be produced whenever required by library staff.
  4. Library fee is payable every semester for students.
  5. Researchers and other external users are allowed to use the library at a nominal fee at the discretion of the University Librarian.


Membership categories

Registered library users are classified in several categories as follows:

  • Short Courses
  • Pre University
  • Diploma
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Masters & PhD students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Researchers


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