School of Business (SBE) First Stakeholders' Forum

Daystar's School of Business & Economics Team

The School of Business and Economics held its 1st Stakeholders' Forum for Master of Science (MSc) in Economics on 9th August 2019 from 7.a.m. at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The purpose of the forum was to review the curriculum content for the newly developed degree program in Master of Science (MSc) Economics to ensure that the new program is responsive to current and future market needs and in line with regulatory requirements by the Commission for University Education (CUE). The University therefore organized a Breakfast meeting to receive Stakeholders’ feedback on relevance of the curriculum and areas of improvement. The School of Business during the breakfast took the stakeholders through a summary of the program and took time to receive feedback.

Among those present were representatives from: Kenyatta University (Dean School of Business and Economics), The World Bank, Anti-Counterfeit Authority, The Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis, Economic Pillar Kenya Vision 2030 (The Director) and Daystar Alumni from the School of Business

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