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Learning, Instruction, and Research Beyond the Four Walls: Higher Education in the Post-Pandemic Era


The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the normalcy of our daily lives and routine. It has affected our economy and social life. All the sectors of our economy have been greatly affected through lockdowns, restriction of movement, and change in the social order. The education sector has not been spared either. Schools, colleges, and universities have undergone a series of shutdowns and reopening. Institutions of higher learning have been forced to adapt to remote and online learning utilizing the emergence of new forms of learning technologies. Thus, learning in the 21st century is experiencing rapid changes that have been witnessed in the rise of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the technological advancement in the age of globalization.

 Technology-assisted interconnectivity has transformed the learning experience by changing how we teach, learn and conduct research. Open, distance, and electronic learning is a new ‘village’ where knowledge seekers can connect with other global villagers. What lessons can we draw from the COVID-19 pandemic for learning in the post-pandemic era?

The Concept

In the past 3 decades, Africa has seen the emergence of Distance Education (DE) which later developed to be known as Open Distance Learning (ODL) (Ngumbane-Mokiwa & Letseka, 2015). ODL has provided higher education opportunities to the previously disadvantaged, predominantly African students who would otherwise not be able to obtain a higher education qualification were they to be left at the mercy of full-time, campus-based, and contact higher education institutions. Hence the development of Open, Distance and Electronic Learning (ODeL) has offered the promise of relief for many potential African learners. The COVID-19 pandemic forced most of the previously traditional institutions of higher learning in Africa into embracing ODeL methods for instruction and learning.

Daystar University, Nairobi in collaboration with Beulah University, USA is hosting a global conference on Open Distance and Electronic Learning. The conference targets to bring together scholars, students, thought leaders and various stakeholders in higher education in Africa. The conference participants will be invited to intellectually reflect on the intricate balance of navigating through the 21st Century pedagogy, research, and technology. The participants will be open to sharing ideas on what future institutional partnerships have to offer to make higher education easily accessible and transferrable while still ensuring quality and integrity.

The ICODeL 2021 conference aims to provide a forum for faculty, researchers, academicians, leading educational practitioners, students, and stakeholders (both government and private sectors) to present their research and expert opinions on online learning, research, policy, and professional practice. The conference theme will focus on the following three categories, namely, online learning, instruction, and research.

The Call for Papers

Call for papers on the following thematic areas

Online Learning

  • Online learning and 21st-century pedagogical skills
  • Blended learning approaches
  • The online learner
  • eLearning and Africa’s socio-economic realities (urbanization, poverty, etc)
  • eLearning, education, and social inequalities in Africa

Teaching Online

  • Pedagogies and virtual laboratory assessments
  • Disruptive instructional design
  • The online instructor
  • Problem/Project-based learning in Online mode

Online/Remote Research

  • Navigating the challenges of remote research dynamics
  • Research ethical regulations and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Research collaborations in the online space
  • Clinical research during the COVID-19 pandemic

Education Technology

  • Technology mediated instructional tools
  • Learning management systems for the 21st-century learner
  • Digital tools for learning
  • Education policy and online learning

Institutional collaboration in online higher education

  • Higher Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • The future of higher education institutional partnership in research, and online education
  • ODeL and Vision 2030 (Are we there yet?)
  • ODeL and Agenda 2063 (The Africa we want)
  • ODeL in Africa vis- -vis the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Higher education in the new-normal

Teaching STEM Online

  • STEM in the online learning environment
  • Education policy and online learning
  • Medical scholarship and the COVID-19 pandemic

The papers should be 5,000 words maximum including reference and bibliography. Font Times New Roman X12, 1.5 spacing.

1st International Conference  On Open, Distance, and
e-Learning (ICODeL) 2021

Date: 18th - 19th October 2021

Host: Daystar University, Nairobi-Kenya in collaboration with Beulah Heights University, Atlanta,Georgia - USA