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Director’s Welcome Message

I want to personally welcome you to the Open, Distance and Electronic Learning (ODeL) webpage. 


I hope you find time to explore our webpage with a view to learning about the services we offer our students, faculty and staff at Daystar University. Our overall aim is to support, assist and facilitate faculty as they create online courses for Daystar’s Online-blended and fully online programs.


The Daystar ODeL team comprising of ODeL Directorate staff, School Faculty Champions, ICT staff and ODeL Board is dedicated to the development of exciting, engaging online teaching and learning environments where faculty and students can actively engage with content and each other.


The ODEL Directorate is in constant consultations with faculty, departments across the university, administrators, and students, to develop dynamic instructional content integrated with modern technology. We encourage creativity and innovations in instructional technologies that are adopted by by the University. 


 Innovation in learning is a journey. The Daystar ODeL Directorate believes it takes commitment to forge positive relationships with all stakeholders to create better teaching and learning experiences for students and faculty. Our success is measured by the ability of our faculty to create wonderful learning experiences by utilizing our modern 21st century virtual classrooms, and inspiring students through quality course design along with innovative online teaching and learning methods.


 The dedicated team at the ODeL Directorate supports faculty in their search and quest for innovative teaching, learning and research approaches to online education. In our commitment to students, we promise to give an online learning experience that is forever meaningful and unforgettable.


To all our customers – faculty, students and staff - we wish you enjoyment as you explore our webpages. Should you have any questions, comments or innovations you would like to share, feel free to contact us on or

Our ODeL Staff

Our Vision

A distinguished, Christ-centred and innovative provider of technology-driven quality education, for the transformation of the church and society in Africa and beyond.

Our Mission

To offer scholars access to quality, holistic and transformative Christ-centred education through innovative technology for Africa and beyond

Our Objectives

  • Apply the use of ICTs as a delivery mechanism to facilitate learning for the benefit of both face to face and distance students.
  • Provide greater access to quality education by taking education to where the student is.
  • Ensure efficiency in the administration and management of ODeL
  • Provide guidance on capacity building on a continuous basis.
  • Monitor and review progress of activities and implementation plan.

Our Programmes

PhD in Business Administration

Masters in Educational Leadership Policy

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