Dr. Daniel Mutunga

PhD – Development Studies

School of Human & Social Sciences



Mutunga, D.K (2018) The Forgotten Victims of our Correctional System: A Case of Children of Imprisoned Parents in Kenya, Interdisciplinary Journal of the African Child (IJAC) Integrating Theory and Practice. Special edition with a focus on the best interest of children in Justice System. Published: December 2018. https://www.daystar.ac.ke/ijac/index.html 

Books and Book Chapters

Co-author, The Kenya armed forces curriculum on HIV/AIDS for nurses.

Book Chapter: “Burn-out” in the book “Your A to Z of mental disorders 2nd Revised Edition” Acrodile Publishers.

Co-developed student and teacher guide STI/HIV/AIDS training manuals used in all public, private and mission MTCs in Kenya

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