Dr. Susan Muriungi

PhD in Clinical Psychology

School of Human & Social Sciences



Gitonga M., Muriungi S., & Ongaro, K. (2017) Prevalence of Conduct Disorder among Adolescents in Secondary Schools: A Case of Kamukunji and Olympic Mixed Sub-County. I1(1) African Journal of Clinical Pyshology. https://www.daystar.ac.ke/ajcp/articles.html

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Susan K. Muriungi, David M. Ndetei, Joseph Karanja and Cyrus W. Matheka. Prevalence of alcohol and substance abuse among students at the Kenya Medical Training College- Kenya. Journal Of substance Abuse http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/rmhs20- May 2013.

Susan K. Muriungi, David M. Ndetei. Effectiveness of psychoeducation on depression, hopelessness, suicidality, anxiety and substance use among basic diploma students at Kenya Medical Training College- June 2013 Vol. 19 No. 2 – South African Journal of Psychiatry 50.

Ndetei DM, Muriungi S.K., Owoso A, Mutiso VN, Mbwayo AW, Khasakhala LI, Barch DM, Mamah D. Prevalence and characteristics of psychotic-like experiences in Kenyan youth. sychiatric Res- .Epub 2012 Mar 2730; 196(2-3):235-42.

Daniel Mamah, Akinkunle Owoso, Anne Mbwayo, Mutiso V., Muriungi S. K., Khasakhala L. et al. Classes of Psychotic Experiences in Kenyan Children and Adolescents. Child Psychiatry and Human Development. DOI 10.1007/s 1057-012-0339-5


Books and Book Chapters

Co-author, The Kenya armed forces curriculum on HIV/AIDS for nurses.

Book Chapter: “Burn-out” in the book “Your A to Z of mental disorders 2nd Revised Edition” Acrodile Publishers.

Co-developed student and teacher guide STI/HIV/AIDS training manuals used in all public, private and mission MTCs in Kenya

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