Dr. Wambui Wamunyu

Phd – Media Studies

School of Communication


Journals Articles

Old habits, new realities: Digital newsrooms in Kenya commercial media houses – (Wamunyu. W. & Wahutu, j. Siguru) forthcoming in the African Journalism Studies’ African Digital Media Review (ADMR) Issue no. 4

Smartphone, professional behavior and workplace socialization: A case of a Kenyan newsroom (author Wamunyu, W.) forthcoming in the inaugural issue of the Africa Journal of Media and Communication

New actors in journalistic practice: The case of a Kenyan radio station – (Wamunyu, W.) published in the Journal of Language, Technology and Entrepreneurship in Africa (2017)


Co-author, A History of Parklands Sports Club, a book published by Kwani Trust (2006)



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