Ms. Mercy Muendo

Master of Laws (LL.M International and Business Law)

School of Law


Articles in Refereed Journals

M Muendo (2017) Evolution of the Kenyan Aviation Transport Industry from Colonisation to the present, towards legal compliance with the international standards of Aviation Law. Mount Kenya University Law Journal Edition 1

M Muendo (2012) Piracy in Somalia, The Impact and Analysis of the International Community’s Response. Mount Kenya University Law Journal Edition 2


Articles in Other Journals

Muendo, M. (2019): Book Review, The Politics of technology in Africa: communication, development, and Nation building in Ethiopia, Taylor and Francis Information Communication and Society Journal .2019.1590440 

Muendo, M. (Feb 2019) Plans to place security above data privacy bad idea for Kenya. Business Daily cnqkbhz/index.html

Muendo, M. (May 2018) New cybercrime law opens door to privacy violation, censorship. Business Daily

Muendo, M. (Sep 2017) Kenya targets WhatsApp admin in its fight against hate speech. Conversation Academic site

Muendo, M. (March 2017) Kenyans are still oppressed by archaic colonial laws. The Conversation Academic site

Muendo, M. (Feb 2017) The options for Kenya as an impending election fuels fear of hate speech. The Conversation Academic site


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