Mr. Michael Kirumbu

Master of Science (In Biometry)

School of Science, Engineering and Health



Ntwiga, D., Ogutu, C., Weke, P., and Kirumbu, M. (2018). A hidden Markov model of risk classification among the low income earners. Journal of Finance and Economics, 6 (6): 242-249

Ntwiga, D., Ogutu, C. and Kirumbu, M. (2018). Inclusion of peer group and individual low-income earners in M-Shwari micro-credit lending: a hidden Markov model approach. International Journal of Electronic Finance, 9(2): 121-133

Ntwiga, D., Weke, P., and Kirumbu, M. (2016). Trust model for social network using singular value decomposition. Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems, 14 (3), 296-302

Developed BSc mathematics for daystar University (2010) with for concentrations; Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Pure and Applied Mathematics



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