Welcome to Center for Research, Publications & Consultancy

We warmly welcome you to the Center for Research, Publications, Consultancy & Postgraduate Bureau. Daystar University perceives research as a critical aspect of its mandate given its importance in supporting teaching and coming up with innovations. The research website provides information on publications that may be of interest to the global academic community. You are welcome to visit the section on publications to sample some of the works that may be of interest. Feel free to contact the authors of the various publications for the full papers.


Prof. Michael Bowen - Director



The Daystar University Charter recognizes research as an integral part of the University’s mission, objectives and functions. The University aims at providing Christian-based higher education training and research for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in Africa and the world. Based at the University’s Nairobi Campus, the Centre primarily has three functions namely:

Academic Research: The Centre promotes research among Daystar University Staff and Faculty by administering the University research funds and providing training in research methodology

Publications: The Centre publishes Perspectives, an academic journal of the University twice a year and undertakes publication of books written by staff and faculty and editing of manuscripts

Consultancy: The Centre undertakes consultancy with organizations, Churches and para-church organizations.

The Center is based on Nairobi campus.




  • To generate, store and disseminate knowledge for teaching, ministry and development purposes
  • To encourage and support faculty to write proposals for funding
  • To support faculty and students in data collection, analysis and writing of research reports and papers
  • To facilitate faculty to publish their research output as books, journal articles and other formats
  • To strengthen local and international research and consultancy networks.
  • To continuously improve the capacity of faculty and students in the field of research through relevant trainings
  • To support schools and departments in planning and hosting local and international conferences
  • To manage the University research grant




a) Academic Research

  • Generation of Knowledge for teaching purposes through conference presentations, consultancy and publications
  • Provision of academic support to faculty and postgraduate students in all phases of their research: proposal writing, data collection, data analysis and report writing
  • Provision of specialized equipment for field research: audio recorders and transcribing machines
  • Identification, documentation and compilation of academic research.
  • Strengthening of local and international research networks


b) Publication

  • Edit and publish academic publications
  • Host regional and international journals
  • Plan and implement academic conferences and publish proceedings
  • Disseminate research findings
  • Facilitate publications of monographs


c) Research Consultancy

  • Coordinate research projects for local churches, Christian organizations and other community-based organizations
  • Facilitate short courses in Research and Consultancy
  • Host and facilitate local and international visiting researchers in conducting their research projects
  • Monitor and evaluate activities for development projects


Ass. Prof. Michael Bowen

Prof. Michael Bowen is an associate professor of Environmental Economics. He holds an MSc. and BSc. in Agricultural Economics. Previously, he was Deputy Director (Quality Assurance) at Daystar University until his appointment as Director Research. His research interests are in the area of environmental economics, agricultural economics, risk analysis and small-scale businesses. He has presented several papers in international conferences and ultimately published them as journal articles or book chapters. Prof. Bowen is a member of Kenya AIDS Research Coordination Mechanism (KARSCOM) under the National AIDS Control Council.


Prof. Bowen is a guest editor for a number of international journals as well as an external examiner for a number of Universities both within and outside Kenya. He has written a number of PhD programmes that are currently running both within and outside Daystar University.

He has supervised several masters students’ theses as well as PhD theses.

Prof. Bowen has taught at undergraduate, Masters and PhD level.

He teaches the following courses; Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Risk Communication, Research Methodology, Managerial Economics, Economics of Industry, Public Finance, Economic Valuation of the Environment, Money and Banking, Statistics, Quantitative Methods and Development Economics.