• To generate, store and disseminate knowledge for teaching, ministry and development purposes
  • To encourage and support faculty to write proposals for funding
  • To support faculty and students in data collection, analysis and writing of research reports and papers
  • To facilitate faculty to publish their research output as books, journal articles and other formats


  • To strengthen local and international research and consultancy networks.
  • To continuously improve the capacity of faculty and students in the field of research through relevant trainings
  • To support schools and departments in planning and hosting local and international conferences
  • To manage the University research grant


Research Consultancy

The activities that fall under this include:

  • Soliciting and coordinating research projects for local churches, Christian organizations and other community based organizations.
  • Facilitating short courses on research and consultancy.
  • Hosting and facilitating local and international researchers in carrying out research
  • Carrying out monitoring and evaluation of activities for development projects.



The activities that fall under this include:

  • Editing and publishing Daystar's academic journals
  • Hosting regional and international journals
  • Planning and implementing academic conferences and publish proceedings
  • Disseminatingresearch findings
  • Facilitating publication of monographs.