Director Research, Publications, Consultancy and Postgraduate Bureau

Prof. Michael Bowen

Prof. Michael Bowen is an associate professor of Environmental Economics. He holds an MSc. and BSc. in Agricultural Economics. Previously, he was Deputy Director (Quality Assurance) at Daystar University until his appointment as Director Research. His research interests are in the area of environmental economics, agricultural economics, risk analysis and small-scale businesses.

He has presented several papers in international conferences and ultimately published them as journal articles or book chapters.

Prof. Bowen is a member of Kenya AIDS Research Coordination Mechanism (KARSCOM) under the National AIDS Control Council.

Prof. Bowen is a guest editor for a number of international journals as well as an external examiner for a number of Universities both within and outside Kenya. He has written a number of PhD programmes that are currently running both within and outside Daystar University.

He has supervised several masters students’ theses as well as PhD theses.

Prof. Bowen has taught at undergraduate, Masters and PhD level.

He teaches the following courses; Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Risk Communication, Research Methodology, Managerial Economics, Economics of Industry, Public Finance, Economic Valuation of the Environment, Money and Banking, Statistics, Quantitative Methods and Development Economics.