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Dean's Welcome Message

Welcome to the School of Arts & Social Sciences (SASS)

The School of Arts and Social Sciences seeks to promote academic excellence and holistic transformation for the development of humanity and society. It fosters critical thinking, transformative learning, research and creativity through relevant academic programs in a collegial environment. 

It comprises three departments namely:

  • The Department of Theology and Biblical Studies
  • The Department of Education
  • The Department of Peace & International Studies

Welcome ALL!


  • International Relations
  • Peace and Conflict Transformation
  • Theology


Department of Theology & Pastoral Studies
  • Bachelor of  Theology
    Pastors in the 21st century need specialized training in order to be equipped to minister in the contemporary African context because African societies have experienced, and continue to experience, dramatic changes for which pastors need to be prepared.
  • Master of  Arts Christian Ministries
    It is the purpose of the postgraduate curriculum in Christian Ministries to advance the Kingdom of God through training of effective leaders for church outreach ministries of various kinds. Building on prior training and experience of students in Bible, theology, practical ministry of various forms, and other relevant disciplines, the programme prepares students for effective service as Christian leaders in church, para-church organizations, and society at large.


Department of Education
  • Bachelor of Education Degree (Arts/Science)

    The B.Ed aims at training professionally qualifed teachers who are competent and skilful enough to teach and provide effective servant leadership and management at all levels of education in private, corporate and public service. The programme focuses on building a broad foundation of theoretical and professional knowledge in education while on the other hand, focusing on concepts, skills and knowledge in specifc disciplines.

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed Arts)

    • English / Literature
    • Kiswahili / Christian Religious Education
    • Kiswahili / Music
    • Christian Religious Education (Bible)
    • Kiswahili / Business Studies
    • Christian Religious Education / Business Studies
    • Early Childhood Development and Education
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed Science)

    • Mathematics / Physics
    • Mathematics / Computer Science
    • Physics / Chemistry
    • Physics / Computer Science
    • Mathematics / Business Studies
    • Computer Science / Business Studies
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education – PGDE

    The purpose of the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is to train university graduates currently employed as untrained graduate teachers. Such training will equip them with the needed professional qualifcations and expertise necessary to successfully carry out their responsibilities as teachers or managers in various felds of education. The Postgraduate Diploma in Education is a one-year intensive programme primarily designed to give untrained graduate teachers skills to carry out their instruction with a Christian commitment.


Department of Peace & International Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Peace & Conflict Transformation

    This program equips the student with an understanding of the causes of war and conflicts in our world and ways of responding to war and conflict. It is a multidisciplinary program whose emphasis is on Transformation and Management of Conflicts in our world. In addition, the Programme is concerned with factors and conditions that make peace and justice possible including the promotion and protection of human rights, human security, and the causes of poverty and injustices in Africa.

  • Master of Arts in Diplomacy, Development and International Security