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Dean's Welcome Message

Prof. Levi Obonyo
Dean School of Communication.

Welcome to the School of Communication.

It takes pride in preparing students for leadership careers in communications, media, and in teaching and the performing arts. This preparation is grounded in solid scholarship and an all rounded approach to education anchored in our philosophy derived from our Christian orientation and biblical teachings.Today’s graduate of SC shares the same foundation that has distinguished us over the years and seen our alumni excel into prominence with careers in advertising and public relations, print and electronic journalism, as well as teaching and performance in music, theatre and writing.

It is our practice to bridge the gap between theory and practice in training. SC marries hands on approach to education together with an understanding of the background that has informed the practice. This is only possible because of the talented and skilled faculty in our schools and the support structure we have put in place.

The Department of Communication ranks as the largest and most comprehensive school of communications in the region. Only two years ago, the department was recognized by UNESCO as a Center of Reference for studies in journalism and our students have won numerous awards over the years. But it is not these achievements that distinguish us as a school. We boast one of the most qualified team in our field in the country. We do not only hold annual conferences to keep our faculty on the cutting edge of discourses in our discipline but our faculty participate in the most significant conferences in our field besides publishing in some of the distinguished journals in their areas.


Welcome ALL!





The Diploma in Communication Arts offers specialized training in print and electronic media and provides a broad understanding of the principles and concepts of effective communication. The programme is designed for aspiring media and communication professionals. In addition to the general communication courses, the learner may specialize in either print or electronic media and will be trained to apply these skills to improve his or her service to the Church and community.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the general admission requirements for the Diploma programme of Daystar University.

In addition, applicants for a Diploma in Communication must possess a minimum of grade B- (minus) in English in KCSE, or 500 marks on TOEFL done not more than fve years previously, or at least Credit 6 under the old ‘O’ Level system, 60% with systems that use percentages, or Principle Pass at ‘A’ Level in English. Those who do not meet these requirements must take an English pre-test administered by the Department of Humanities. Those who do not pass the test will be required to take an English course for no credit until they have reached a level where they are able to pass the English pre-test. Applicants with no profciency in typing will be required to take a typing course for which no academic credit will be given.



The Communication major curriculum is designed to equip students with foundational knowledge of concepts and practice of communication to enable graduates of the programme to effectively serve society in a variety of roles.

The goals of the Communication major are to:

  • Give students a foundational and biblically-derived understanding of theory and practice in communication study at interpersonal, group, intercultural and mass communication levels;
  • Provide students with a menu of courses which leads to a guided focus and in-depth study of at least one area of communication;
  • Prepare students to apply communication principles and skills in church, business, government and social settings;
  • Prepare students to assist others in various church and community settings to recognize and apply the principles and concepts of effective communication to address specifc problems be they individual, communal, institutional or organizational; and
  • Prepare students for further study in communication.


1. Master of Arts Degree in Communication

The MA in Communication Programme is a two-year 48 credit hour programme designed to prepare graduates with sound theory and professional skills for further postgraduate study in communication and for service in the church, the media, corporate and development establishments and the society at large. Our graduates are serving in media houses, corporate establishments, NGOs, academic institutions, churches and para-church organisations.


  • To prepare students for leadership, management and service in communication-related offces in churches, para-church organizations, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, corporate establishments and other societal institutions;
  • To equip students for further postgraduate study in communication;
  • To promote students’ ability to integrate their Christian faith with the various disciplines in the feld of communication;
  • To develop students’ ability to think critically about human problems and to effectively strategize communication-related solutions;
  • To equip students with advanced research and writing skills;
  • To train students to be critical consumers of communication research and to effectively apply research fndings.

2. Doctor of Philosophy in Communication

Ph.D. in Communication seeks to provide further education for aspiring servant leaders desiring to integrate their Christian faith with their communication skills, creative abilities and knowledge of communication and the arts in an African context. Our programme seeks to equip our graduates on two levels: intellectual and spiritual.

Finally, in producing a network of Ph.D graduates, Daystar seeks to empower Christians with a powerful voice in our global society through, development and health communication channels, through corporate communication networks, through both print and electronic media, through media professionalism, teaching and academic scholarship.



1. Bachelor of Arts in English

English plays a signifcant role as one of Kenya’s two offcial languages and as a medium of instruction in educational institutions. It is also the medium of oral and written communication in both public and private institutions. Graduates in English can pursue a variety of vocations, including teaching, writing, translation, editing and journalism, as well as professions in the civil service, the Christian ministry and business. The graduate of Language and Literature

  • Is acquainted with both historical and current developments in literature and language
  • Has developed creativity in and appreciation of the creative arts, particularly oral literature, story telling, poetry, fction
  • Can employ skills of literary criticism in the appreciation of literature and the creative arts
  • Has keen listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Is able to promote human values as seen from a Christian perspective
  • Employs scientifc insight into the structural, psychological and sociological properties of human language in general and the English language in particular.

2. Bachelor of Arts in French

French is the offcial language as well as the medium of instruction in many African countries. The French degree programme aims to prepare graduates to practice a range of professions such as teaching, translation, interpretation, journalism, as well as service in the civil service, Christian mission and business in Africa and beyond. The degree in French will also enable them to enhance the cultural exchange between different countries in Africa.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements by the university listed in Chapter 1, section 4, a student pursuing the French Major degree must also have:

  • A minimum grade of C+ in French in KCSE, or
  • Credit 6 under the `O’ level system, or
  • 60% with systems that use percentages, or
  • A principal pass at `A’ level in French.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Music

The B.A Music major degree is designed to help students to acquire knowledge and skills in music as well as promote the application of these skills in the communication and contextualization of the gospel in Africa.

Specifcally, graduates of the Music major are expected to become:

  • Qualifed Christian musicians (choir directors for school and church music festivals, worship leaders and ministers of music) capable of using music effectively to communicate the gospel.
  • Musicians with an understanding of an international range of musical cultures, a foundational grasp of the history of music of different cultures and the role of music in contemporary society.
  • Musicians with exemplary skills in music performance
  • Teachers equipped with skills to teach music in schools and teacher training institutions
  • Citizens who can contribute to the national consciousness and cultural heritage through participation in musical events and research.



For more information about the 4 (four) year study programme, visit or download our University Catalogue (2017-2021)

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