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Ms. Susan Njuguna
Dean, School of Nursing

Welcome to the School of Nursing.

The School of Nursing established in 2019, seeks to provide Christ focused and patient centered Nursing Education, to develop individuals to be competent Nurse Professionals for health systems and display excellence of servant leaders.

The student will learn through close interaction with qualified faculty who model Christian professional attitude and skills integrated into the teaching and learning experience. The students are required to have clinical teaching and learning from accredited public and private health institutions that link them to the industry. Nursing faculty in collaboration with the skilled preceptors provide a carefully organized real-world learning experience that is relevant to current best practice taking into account the rapid advancement in health care globally. The program is organized to provide timely integration of theoretical and practical skills in all nursing courses thereby enabling the learner to decide on the area of nursing specialty to pursue later in the profession.

The availability of a state-of-the-art clinical nursing skills laboratory and a Science laboratory provides the student with an opportunity to practice the needed skills before interaction with real patients. The liberal arts education which enriches education in the University allows the student to appreciate the global society and the diversity of teams with which they will work upon graduation. This educational foundation prepares a culturally sensitive nurse who will effectively work with teams across diverse settings of health systems.

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Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing

The courses taken are foundational to professional Nursing and midwifery practice in inculcating the value of patient centered care. Courses in basic sciences applied to medical and surgical conditions of the patient across the life span are taught and applied with critical thinking for clinical decision-making. Acute care Nursing courses are taught and the student prepared for National certification.

Department of Midwifery and Reproductive Health Nursing

Courses in Midwifery, Reproductive Health Nursing build upon the foundation courses to provide competency in the management of patients and clients in the reproductive health space. The student is exposed to clinical placement that allows for development of skills and in all aspects of reproductive health. The critical thinking and clinical decision making required for the Midwife to work independently and collaboratively is taught and demonstrated.

Department of Community Health Nursing

Courses prepare the nurse for their unique professional leadership role. This is in public health nursing practice of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to individuals and communities. The application of concepts of epidemiology and research prepare the nurse to contribute towards addressing current and emerging health issues in population health to include Mental health Nursing. The courses build on the foundations of nursing to enable the student provide health care services in both inpatient, outpatient and community settings. The student is empowered to use evidence based and current protocols in diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Department of Nursing Education, Administration and Research

The Student is prepared for the role of an Educator, Nurse Leader and Researcher. Upon graduation, the nurse can function in Health training institutions for clinical practice and health related programs of health systems in all the areas of Nursing and research.

From August 2020, the department will launch a Master of Science in Nursing Education program.


For more information about the 4 (four) year study programme, visit or download our University Catalogue (2017-2021)

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Faculty, School Of Nursing



Ms. Susan Njuguna - (Dean)

Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing


Mrs. Fridah Mburu - (HOD) Lecturer

Department of Midwifery and Reproductive Health Nursing


Mrs. Keziah Kahiga-Njuguna - (HOD, NCK Liaison Officer) Lecturer

Department of Community Health Nursing


Mrs. Agnes Nzioka - (HOD) Lecturer

Department of Nursing Education, Administration and Research


Mrs. Serah Wachira - (HOD) Lecturer

School Adminisrators


Ms. Dorcas Kanini - (School Administrator)

Medical Laboratory Technologist


Mrs. Steraphine Nzuki - (Laboratory Technologist)




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