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Dr. Martha Kiarie
Dean, School of Science, Engineering
& Health

We hope to contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, reduce child mortality, and ensure environmental sustainability as spelt out in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by offering a range of programmes in Nursing, Environmental Health, Information Technology and Actuarial Science among others. In so doing, we will be contributing to the Government of Kenya’s Vision 2030 which aims at making Kenya an industrialized, middle income country with a high quality of life by the year 2030.

Our programmes are tailored to provide holistic learning and a Christ-centred approach and contribute to the achievement of the vision and mission of Daystar University.

Daystar University has provided state-of-art laboratories and library resources that will be used for teaching and research. In recognition of the fact that research is a prerequisite for economic development, the School is focused on undertaking research projects with emphasis on community engagement and development of new products.

Our qualified faculty and staff are ready to offer high quality education that will produce an all-round graduate for the 21st century. We invite you to be part of this endeavour. God bless you.

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The Department of Science teaches both general science courses required for all students and majors in various areas in science. The general courses enable the student to have an all-round development which is in line with liberal arts education approach at Daystar. It helps students to have a broad knowledge of the world around them with a Christian perspective.

They gain basic knowledge in physical science, environmental science, biology, mathematics and health. Currently the science majors include physics, mathematics, and environmental health. Actuarial Science and Biomedical Science are coming soon, and others are at various stages of development.


1. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

The Environmental Health major is a rigorous, science based, applied curriculum that prepares students for careers in environmental health felds. Students who successfully complete the programme of study receive the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health degree. Graduates will be prepared to serve as Christian servant leaders as Environmental Health Specialists, Occupational Health Specialists, Health and Safety Offcers, Environmental Consultants and Educators among others. The degree can also be used as a step to an advanced degree in many felds including environmental health, industrial hygiene, toxicology, epidemiology, ecology and environmental engineering, and will satisfy entrance requirements for professional degree programmes such as medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, optometry and pharmacy.


2. Bachelor of Science in Physics

Physics is one of the most basic and fundamental of all the sciences. It is central to our understanding of God’s creation through natural phenomena, namely energy and matter.

Physics attempts to understand nature at its deepest level from elementary particles, to nuclei, atoms, molecules, macromolecules, solids, liquids, gases, plasma, living organisms, complex systems, supercomputers, the atmosphere, planets, stars, galaxies and the entire universe.

The importance of physics is captured in that its theories explain reactions, energy transfer, forms of matter and all the processes and interactions that we witness every day.


3. Bachelor of Science in Acturial Science

The objectives of the programme are to prepare graduates for the following careers:

  • Insurance Companies: Valuing financial contracts and investing funds;
  • Consultancy: Offering advice to occupational pension funds and employee benefit plans;
  • Government Service: Supervising insurance companies and advising on the national insurance;
  • General: Stock exchange, industry, commerce and universities.

To continue their studies at the postgraduate level, to qualify in exams for professional bodies, for example International Society of Actuaries’ examinations, and to conduct relevant research in the field.



Daystar University is launched the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BScN) in 2010. Thereafter, the Uprading programme for nurses holding a Diploma in Nursing was launched in 2011. These programmes were approved by the Commission for the Higher Education (CUE) and the Nursing Council of Kenya.

The University is working in collaboration with carefully selected reputable and approved training hospitals where the students shall carry out their practicals. The University has highly qualified faculty and a well equipped skills laboratory.



1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The university shall admit for the BSc Nursing degree program, academically qualifed candidates, having met the Nursing Council of Kenya entry requirements, and those who accept the University’s Christian mission and philosophy as provided under Sections 4 to 7 of the university charter, without regard or preference to gender, ethnic origin, race being imposed as a condition for admission.

Bachelor of Science Nursing degree will be offered for nursing students who wish to pursue the program to completion. The University may consider other criteria approved by Senate that enhances quality.



The Computer Science department aims at fostering a conducive environment for learning and research through use of appropriate computing technologies in its everyday activities.

We seek to become a leading department for teaching, research and outreach in Computer Science and Information Technology. The role of Computer Science’s department is to equip its students with degree level expertise and appropriate skills in the field of computer science and who will be able to serve nationally and internationally as software and web programmers, systems analysts, and database and network administrators.

Depending on their focus within the Applied Computer Science program, the graduates who have completed this program are be able to serve in the financial sector, IT business, industry and education. They are also ready to continue postgraduate studies in areas of Computer Science, Knowledge Management, and Information Systems and Technology.

Research and publication is also a significant part of Computer Science’s Department. The department’s academic team is a combination of seasoned and budding researchers who are currently conducting research and projects in the broad area of Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology.


1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Computer Science


For more information about the 4 (four) year study programme, visit or download our University Catalogue (2017-2021)

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Faculty, School of Science, Engineering & Health




Dr. Martha Kiarie - Dean


Department of Science


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Nursing Department


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