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Dr. Kinya Mwithia

PhD in Communication


Senior Lecturer & Head of Department, School of Communication


Articles Published
  • Mwithia, J. K (2015) Domestication of the Mobile Phone in Kibera: How Nairobi’s urban poor are integrating the mobile phone into their everyday lives – PhD Thesis https://opus.lib.uts.edu.au/bitstream/10453/43427/2/02whole.pdf
  • Miller, A. N., Mwithia, J. K., Booker, N. A., Kizito, M. N., & Ngula, K. (2010). Kenyan Patients’ Attitudes Regarding Doctor Ethnicity and Doctor-Patient Ethnic Discordance. Patient Education and Counseling, http://www.pec- journal.com/article/S0738-3991%2810%2900287-9/abstract
  • Booker Nancy, Mwithia, J.K. (2010) Challenges facing Continuing Education Learners in Kenya. A look at Continuing Education in Select Private Universities in Nairobi. Perspectives Journal of Daystar University, July 2010
  • Miller, A. N., Golding, L., Ngula, K., Wambua, M. A., Kizito, M. N., Mutua, E., Odondi, C., Booker, N. A., Mwithia, J. K., & Rubin, D. L. (2009). Couples communication on sexual and relational issues among the Akamba in Kenya. African Journal of AIDS Research. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.2989/AJAR.2009.
  • Mwithia, J.K (2001) Towards Narrowcasting Programmes: A Descriptive Study of Kibera’s Adult Slum Dwellers’ Television Viewing Patterns - MA Thesis http://www.researchkenya.org/?ID=8392&search=Kibera%2C+Nairobi%2C+Kenya
  • Mwithia, J.K (2011) The Alternative Voice: Opportunities and Challenges offered by Community Media in the slums of Nairobi. – A paper presented at a media training workshop in Haifa, Israel.
  • J. Mwithia, (2003). Where is the answer to this monster? (2003). Column Published by KEMRI quarterly magazine.