Undergraduate Programme 

Admission Requirements

A mean grade of C+ (plus) and above in KCSE, or 5 credits in IGCSE with 2 Creditpasses in A level or Division 2 in GCE. BA in Communication a minimum of C+ in English is required. On admission, applicants with a B- in English will be required to do ENG 214 while those admitted with a C+ in English will be required to do ENG 098 and ENG 214. B.Sc Applied Computer Science, applicant must have a minimum of C+ (plus) or its equivalent in Mathematics and Physics.

  • Bachelor of Arts English

    English plays a signifcant role as one of Kenya’s two offcial languages and as a medium of instruction in educational institutions. It is also the medium of oral and written communication in both public and private institutions. Graduates in English can pursue a variety of vocations, including teaching, writing, translation, editing and journalism, as well as professions in the civil service, the Christian ministry and business.

  • Bachelor of Arts in French

    French is the offcial language as well as the medium of instruction in many African countries. The French degree programme aims to prepare graduates to practice a range of professions such as teaching, translation, interpretation, journalism, as well as service in the civil service, Christian mission and business in Africa and beyond. The degree in French will also enable them to enhance the cultural exchange between different countries in Africa.

  • Bachelor Arts in Music

    Bachelor Arts in Music The B.A Music major degree is designed to help students to acquire knowledge and skills in music as well as promote the application of these skills in the communication and contextualization of the gospel in Africa.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Technical & Professional Communication

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication

    With specialization in:
    - Electronic Media
    - Print Media
    - Public Relations
    - Advertising