Issue 01 September 2017



Issue 01 September 2017


Issue 01 September 2017 (9 articles)
Adoptive Parenting: Correlates of Socio-Demographic Factors and Child Attachment among Domestically and Internationally Adopted Children in Nairobi, Kenya

Caroline Ayuya, PhD | Alice Munene, PsyD - (Daystar University, Kenya)

Published: September, 2017
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Factors Associated with Elevated Depression in Family Caregivers of End Stage Kidney Disease in Nairobi County, Kenya

Winnie Waiyaki, PhD., Lincoln Khasakhala, PhD., Rebecca Oladipo, PhD., (Daystar University)

Published: May, 2017
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The Prevalence of Conduct Disorder among Juvenile Delinquents in Selected Rehabilitation Schools in Kenya.

Naomi James, PhD., Oasis Africa Counselling Centre; Alice Munene, PsyD., (Daystar University)

Published: May, 2017
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Factors Associated with Alcohol Use among University Students in a Kenyan University

Stephen Ndegwa, PhD., Alice Munene, PsyD., and Rebecca Oladipo, PhD., (Daystar University)

Published: May, 2017
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Prevalence of Conduct Disorder among Adolescents in Secondary Schools: A Case of Kamukunji and Olympic Mixed Sub-County Secondary Schools in Nairobi County, Kenya

Monica Gitonga, PhD., (Kenya Methodist University); Susan Muriungi, PhD., and Kennedy Ongaro, PhD., (Daystar University); M. Omondi, PhD., (Mount Kenya University)

Published: May, 2017
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Types and Forms of Traumatic Events Experienced by the Internally Displaced Persons Living in Maai Mahiu Camp during the 2007/8 Post Election Violence in Kenya

Josephine Musau, PhD., - (Kenya Technical Teachers College); Alice Munene, PsyD., and Lincoln Khasakhala, PhD., - (Daystar University)

Published: May, 2017
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Adaptation and Coping among East African Immigrants in North America

Gooreka Okahaabwa, PsyD., - (Uganda Christian University)

Published: May, 2017
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Substance Use Assessment among School Going Adolescents in Kenya

Charity Waithima, PhD., ~ (Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi, Kenya)

Published: May, 2017
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