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ICA Launches Kenya Chapter

The globally renown International Communication Association (ICA) has unveiled a Kenya Chapter to advance scholarly research in the study of communication in the region and beyond. 
Breaking the news, ICA Kenya Chapter Chair, Sr. Prof. Agnes Lucy Lando revealed that ICA President Prof. Noshir Contractor launched the Kenya Chapter in Nairobi on 14th January 2023.
The ICA Kenya Chapter is spearheaded by a Board of 19 members from various universities namely: Aga Khan University, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Daystar University, Laikipia University, Koitaleel Samoei University College, Multimedia University, and Tangaza University College.
Here is Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that outline some of the benefits of joining a professional and international body and how one can join the Kenya Chapter to advance his/her academics and career.  
  • What is the International Communication Association (ICA)?
    ICA is an academic association for scholars interested in the study, teaching, and application of all aspects of human and mediated communication ( ).  It has its headquarters in Washington DC, USA.  ICA aims to advance the scholarly study of communication by encouraging and facilitating excellence in academic research worldwide.  ICA begun more than 70 years ago in Austin, Texas, USA and is now a truly international association with members in over 80 countries. 
  • Who can join the ICA Kenya Chapter?
    - Any Kenyan
    - Non-Kenyans residing in Kenya.
    - Non-Kenyans living outside Kenya and are passionate to contribute towards the growth of scholarship in Kenya. 
  • What are the Benefits of joining ICA Kenya Chapter?
    - Be part of the history of the establishment of ICA in Kenya.
    - Have free access to the ICA Regional Hub meeting to be held in Kenya in May 2023 alongside the 73rd ICA Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada.
    - Be recognised as an ICA member globally,
    - Have the opportunity to publish your scholarly work,
    - Have the opportunity to attend different beneficial workshops offered by ICA and ICA Kenya on different scholarly topics
  • What is the Registration Fee?
    To join the ICA Kenya Chapter, the Board resolved that the registration fees be paid as follows:
    - Board Members - Ksh 3,000 (USD 30)
    - Other Members - Ksh 1,000 (USD 10)
    - Undergraduate Student Members - Ksh 500 ((USD 5).
  • How do I pay the Registration Fee?
    Pay via MPESA to the Treasurer Dr. Patrick Asango Okanga on Mobile no. 0795 595 322 after which you will be added to the ICA Kenya Chapter WhatsApp Group.
For more information about the worldwide ICA visit