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Library Update: New Physical Books

The University Library has recently acquired new titles of physical books. Below are some of the new titles. To get yourself a copy, please visit any of our two physical libraries: Agape Library at the Main Campus and Nairobi Campus Library.

1.         Davenport, M., & Hannahs, S. J. (2020). Introducing phonetics and phonology. Routledge

Starting with a grounding in phonetics and phonological theory, the book provides a base from which more advanced treatments may be approached. It begins with an examination of the foundations of articulatory and acoustic phonetics, moves on to the basic principles of phonology and ends with an outline of some further issues within contemporary phonology. Varieties of English, particularly Received Pronunciation and General American, form the focus of consideration, but aspects of the phonetics and phonology of other languages are discussed as well.


2. Ackley, B. J., Ladwig, G. B., Makic, M. B. F., Martinez-Kratz, M. R., & Zanotti, M. (2021). Nursing diagnosis handbook: Evidence-based guide to planning (12th ed.). Elsevier Health Sciences.

This convenient handbook shows how to correlate nursing diagnoses with known information about clients based on assessment findings, established medical or psychiatric diagnoses, and the current treatment plan. Revised and updated with 2021 approved nursing diagnoses, the book integrates NIC and NOC taxonomies, evidence-based nursing interventions, and adult, pediatric, geriatric, multicultural, home care, safety, and client/family teaching and discharge planning considerations to help you create unique, individualized care plans.


3.Grantham, K., Dowie, G., & de Haan, A. (Eds.). (2021). Women's economic empowerment: insights from Africa and South Asia. Routledge.

This book investigates the barriers to women’s economic empowerment in the Global South. Despite global progress in closing gender gaps in education and health, women’s economic empowerment has lagged, with little evidence that economic growth promotes gender equality. International Development Research Centre’s growth and Economic Opportunities for Women program was set up to provide policy lessons, insights, and concrete solutions that could lead to advances in gender equality, particularly on the role of institutions and macroeconomic growth, barriers to labor market access for women, and the impact of women’s care responsibilities.


4. Albright, Z. L., & Langan, J. (2022). ISE college writing skills with readings (11th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education

The book emphasizes writing skills as well as process. By identifying a set of 4 fundamental skills critical to effective writing, College Writing Skills with Readings encourages students to see writing as a skill that can be learned and a process that must be explored. These 4 skills, or bases, for effective writing are as Discover a clearly stated point, or topic sentence, and make sure that all other information in the paragraph or essay supports that point. Support the points with specific evidence, and plenty of it.