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Home News > 15, Mar 2024
Daystar University hosts the Young Arbiters Society Symposium

Written by Annette Karathe and Juliet Gachee
In the heart of Daystar University, the School of Law hosted the Young Arbiters Society’s public lecture, drawing not only Daystar University students but also scholars from JKUAT and Africa Nazarene.

The event kicked off with a riveting moot session led by Mr. Ayub Okayo, captivating the audience for 30 minutes.
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ARSA) Prof. Faith Nguru welcomed the guest of honour, SC Attorney General Emeritus- Prof. Githu Muigai. With eloquence and depth, Prof Muigai navigated the complexities of dispute resolution, illustrating his points with captivating stories and case studies. His words resonated, transcending textbooks and classes, sparking renewed determination in the minds of the audience.

“The purpose of international practice around arbitration is to expedite the resolution of disputes,” Prof. Muigai emphasized, highlighting the confidentiality arbitration offers. With pride, he commended Kenya's prowess in preparing arbitration cases, asserting their legendary status.
In the aftermath of his enlightening discourse, the auditorium buzzed with excitement. Minds ignited with newfound knowledge, eager participants sought clarification and advice. Prof. Muigai graciously answered each query, leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

As the doors closed behind the last departing guest, the echoes of Prof. Muigai’s wisdom lingered, inspiring a new wave of dedication to excellence in the legal careers of those fortunate enough to be present.