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Home News > 24, Apr 2024
Cyberpro Academy inaugurated at Daystar University

By: Sharon Oseko

In a historical collaboration between Daystar University's School of Science, Engineering, and Health, and CyberPro Global Limited, a Cyber Academy was inaugurated at the University’s BCC building. The event marked a significant stride towards training and fortifying Kenya's cybersecurity defenses. Representing the Israeli Ambassador to Kenya Mr. Michael Lotem, was Mr. Barak Granot, who is in charge of Israeli Economic and Trade Mission to Kenya.

"We are here to assist and to promote the learning of IT and in particular cybersecurity," said Mr. Barak Granot, summarizing the goal of the collaboration, which is to increase cyber resilience in the country. This partnership with Israel, which is recognized as the second most advanced cybersecurity nation in the world, is expected to bring in cutting-edge tools and knowledge, enabling Daystar University students and Kenyans to become skilled protectors of digital space.

As Kenya's first university to host the CyberPro Academy, Daystar University marks a significant milestone in the country's cybersecurity education landscape. Mr.  Emuna Noah, the chairperson of CyberPro Limited, noted that they intend to spread to more universities within the country so as to equip students with necessary skills that will give Kenyan students a leading edge in matters cyber security.

The ceremony event kicked off with the hoisting of Israeli and Kenyan flags, symbolizing commitment and a shared future. It was a significant action that demonstrated mutual commitment to forging a strong cybersecurity ecosystem. The Israeli flag, with the Star of David, hoisted alongside the Daystar flag with symbol of the morning/day star, gave a deep sense of our shared heritage in Christendom and Judaism.  The flag was officially presented to the University as a sign of the readiness of the Israel people to work with Daystar University even in future.

Following the flag hoisting, there was ceremonial ribbon cutting to mark the opening of the CyberPro Academy at Daystar University. The unveiling of the commemorative plaque was done by Mr. Barack Granot assisted by the Acting VC and Deputy Vice-chancellor in charge of Academics, research and student affairs, Prof. Faith Nguru.  This was witnessed by faculty and students from the School of Science, Engineering and Health led by the Dean, Prof. Martha Kiarie.

The Academy is a teaching and learning IT laboratory that is equipped with state of the art technology (computers, projection screens and sound system). The Academy is expected to be a place where theory and practical experience will mix harmoniously to produce the next wave of cyber defenders and innovators. The Academy will train students from all programmes within the University. Both online and in-person classes are scheduled to take place at the Academy starting from the May 2024 trimester.

The event closed with a tree planting by guests and dignitaries.  Mr. Barak Granot planted a pomegranate tree, while Mr. Noah Emuna and the acting Vice-chancellor, Prof. Faith Nguru, planted citrus and Grevillea trees respectively. The University team promised to care for the trees and ensure they grow to maturity.

Commenting on the expected collaboration, the team from the Israeli Embassy identified IT, Water treatment Technology, Agriculture, Desert farming, Health and climate Change as of possible collaboration with the University. The Embassy invited the VC to visit the embassy for more discussions.   "If we can get other universities in Kenya to create synergy, and learn from the highly developed Israeli technology, then the impact would be even bigger," said Prof. Faith Nguru, emphasizing the ripple effect that this partnership hopes to achieve. CyberPro Academy at Daystar University is expected to train ethical Cybersecurity people, leading to a safer and more secure digital space in the future.