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Daystar University Hosts the University of Maryland and Shepherd University​​

Daystar University has been hosting students and faculty from the University of Maryland (UMD), and Shepherd University for the annual Study Abroad Program. This years program began on 27th May and ended on 14th June.

In an interview with the team leader, Prof. Dale Johnson, the program has eight students from the University of Maryland and three from Shepherd University.

Students from the University of Maryland are undertaking a programme in Agriculture which entails understanding animal science, soil science, plant science, agricultural business and agricultural engineering. The program will consist of practical sessions including visiting crop plantations, horticultural and floriculture farms gardens and livestock rearing in different parts of Kenya.  This will enable the students to gain a deeper understanding about crop production and livestock rearing in Kenya. The program also exposes the foreign students to the Kenyan culture.

The vision of the program is to incorporate agriculture program in Daystar University, where it is currently offered at Diploma level.

Prof. Dale Johnson revealed that the connection between Daystar University and the University of Maryland started in 2022 when Daystar University Vice Chancellor, Prof Laban P. Ayiro visited the University of Maryland.

The students from Shepherd University, led by Prof. LeAnn Johnson, are taking a course in education. They will also spend time in Daystar Mulandi Primary School, giving community service by teaching in the school. The three will also visit Machakos School for the Handicapped to interact with pupils with disability.

Some of the faculty members for this program include, Prof. Dale Johnson from University of Maryland, Mergan Purdue from the University of Maryland, and Prof. LeAnn Johnson from Shepherd University.

This is the second year, Daystar University is hosting the program.