DUAA 2062i

The Daystar University Alumni Association (DUAA) is the next step after graduating from Daystar. It is a place to learn more about industry, connect with others in the field, share, learn and give back to the world around us.

In the last few years after a slump in activity, a deliberate and concerted effort has been made to revive the Daystar University Alumni Association (DUAA). The greatest challenge has been creating programs that unify the alumni and galvanise participation. In 2013 the ground work was finalised and the new face of DUAA was defined to create a vehicle that would bring the alumni to the desired destination of engaging in Christian Higher Education. DUAA is now ready and set for the relaunch before the end of the year 2015 with Vision DUAA 2062i to guide us.

DUAA 2062i is DUAA reloaded with the vision of fifty years of engagement in the work of mobilizing resources from among alumni of Daystar University towards the cause of Christian Higher Education in Africa. Before we get there however, we need you on board. You are joining an ever-growing vibrant team of world changers – 16,000 and counting – spread across the globe…so welcome aboard. The goal of DUAA 2062i is to create a vehicle to mobilise funds, create opportunities for engagement, build lasting partnerships, provide insight, oversight and foresight for programs and significantly change the Christian Higher Education landscape in Kenya, East Africa, Africa and the World.

For the success of DUAA 2062i, we need the full engagement of ALL our Alumni. This engagement can only be realised by creating value and opportunity for the Alumni to connect. There are several planks that make this vision viable and possible.

The main plank in DUAA 2062i vision is a new Structure achieved by the formation of virtual, local-city and country-based chapters. It is called our “growing small to grow big” strategy. Daystar alumni, anywhere is the world can form chapters and connect to our global body through the DUAA secretariat. The chapters meet and interact around local issues for mutual interest but are connected to the big body from anywhere in the world. Wherever it is you plan to go and change the world after graduating, you are still within reach. The global Board of Directors will initiate and manage the ever-growing list of corporate partners and connect every individual alumnus and every DUAA chapter to enjoy the benefits of the partnerships including job placements, business opportunities among others and to manage relations with our alma mater. The Board of Directors is elected every three years from the chapters to provide strategic international leadership for the Association in conjunction with our alma mater.

The second plank is Engagement to provide relevant, value based products to the members through stand-alone programs as well as win-win strategic partnerships.

The third plank is Legacy, which is twofold. First, Legacy is creating a platform from which alumni can give back to Daystar University through shared experiences, internship programs for students, mentorship programs, scholarships other similar activities. Second, Legacy is creating or working in initiatives that will change the face of communities around us in Kenya, East Africa, Africa and the World.

Join us and stay Informed: Inspired: Involved

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