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Daystar University hosts the Ancient Manuscripts workshop

DVC ARSA Prof. Faith Nguru (left) receives the ancient scroll from Prof. Scott Carroll (second left) and Prof. Danny Maccain (extreme right). With her is Dean, School of Arts Rev. Dr. Patrick Musembi and workshop coordinator Rev. Steven Nduto

By Victoria Mumbi

On Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18, 2024, Daystar University School of Arts and Social Sciences hosted the Ancient Manuscripts workshop at the Nairobi Campus.

The purpose of the workshop was to establish a holistic understanding of the Bible and develop an African Christian movement that would enable African theologians and scholars towards becoming experts in every aspect.

The workshop was attended by theologians from different Universities in Kenya, including Pwani University, Kenya Methodist University, Kenyatta University, Pwani International Christian University, Hebrew Bible Institute, Scott Christian University, The University of Nairobi, Pan Africa Christian University, The Deaf Society of Kenya, Africa International University, Africa Nazarene University, Adventist University of Africa, and the host, Daystar University.

The workshop, organized by Rev. Steven Nduto, was officially opened by the DVC Academic, Research and Student Affairs Prof. Faith Nguru, assisted by the Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Rev. Dr. Patrick Musembi.

The workshop was facilitated by Prof. Scott Carroll and Prof. Danny Mccain from University of Jos, using a Torah manuscript that was donated to Daystar University through Daystar US for teaching purposes.

Prof. Carroll displayed Hebrew and Greek text for different books of the Bible, written on parchments and papyrus materials, using ink and quills from goose. He further engaged participants in group discussions to interpret the old Bible manuscripts, assisted by Prof. Scott Carroll.

“I have lived to impact lives of people in my life of Ministry, and so I encourage everyone to work and aim at making things of the Church attainable”, said Prof. Danny Mccain, further highlighting that the goal of the project was to ensure that the Bible is complete, and understood.

During the workshop, different manuscripts written in different languages were discussed including leaves of the Coptic Bible, Old Hebrew scroll, Papyrus documents, Greek uncials and miniscules.

Prof. Maccain presented to participants copies of his book titled "Tough Tests for Top Leaders, God’s strategy for preparing Africans to Lead Global Christianity”.

The scroll donated to Daystar University is 38 metres long, is printed on a calf skin, and has existed for the last 150 years.  According to Prof. Carroll, the scroll is not for display only but for teaching purposes.