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University Library Boosts its collections through Book Donations

By Hines Louisa.

Daystar University Library has added new books to its information resources courtesy of generosity of several donors associated with the School of Applied Human Sciences.

On 19th June, the Director of Psycho-Spiritual Institute at the Marist International University College, Prof. Joyzy Pius Egunjobi, donated six titles on the subject areas of addiction, spirituality, and biblical studies.  The books were presented to Senior Librarian, Nairobi Campus, Mr. Samuel Kung’u. Prof. Joyzy Pius Egunjobi was accompanied by two other external examiners, Dr. Hudson Ouko and Dr. Daniel Muia.  A senior lecturer at Kenyatta University, Dr. Muia shared with the library two links of books he has edited in the field of Development Studies and Community Development.

Prof. Egunjobi is an accomplished scholar who has published over 30 books, more than 10 book chapters and more than 40 articles.

On 12th June 2024, Daystar University Library through the School of Applied Human Sciences received yet another book donation by Prof. Francis Wambua Mulwa of Premese College. Prof. Mulwa donated 20 copies of a book titled; "Audacity in Growing Conscientious Leaders."

On the same day, a faculty in the School of Applied Human Sciences, Dr. Stephen Ndegwa also generously donated fourteen titles, with 10 copies of each, significantly bolstering the Library's collection. Dr. Ndegwa has published a series of books; "Poems of Love", with different titles.

Daystar University Library has thanked all the donors who have enriched its collections in the past week. Their generosity will enable students and faculty access to a wider range of knowledge and inspiration.

“We truly appreciate this gesture of kindness and willingness to share knowledge that is relevant in transforming the world.  A book is a gift you can open again and again and Daystar is fortunate to have received so many gifts to open and explore,”  said Mr. Kung’u as he received the books.

The donations came through the efforts of the HOD Development Studies, Dr. Mary Mogute.