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"Interdisciplinary Journal of the African Child" (IJAC) is a journal of Daystar university and African Institute of Children Studies, Kenya. The journal is the first of its kind and targets a global audience of academia and practitioners. It provides perspectives on the situation of the African child to the world and also good practices from across the globe with African experts. This journal is a platform for generating knowledge to inform policy and interventions in the best interest of children. IJAC is an open access, peer reviewed, not for profit scientific journal. The reviewers and editors are scholars and expert practitioners who are highly professional, meticulous and committed to analytical and thorough evaluation of research articles to achieve excellence and quality of the articles. IJAC is an online annual publication hosted at Daystar University.

The journal will cover the following areas: child protection, child participation, child development and survival, child health and nutrition, legislation and policies for child wellbeing, child maltreatment and trauma, child spirituality, parenting, family and marital issues, socio-economic and cultural issues that impact on child well-being, gender equality and equity, child therapy and case management. IJAC articles are drawn from scientific research work, case studies, best practices, review papers, comparative and explorative studies, book reviews and action research among others. We are accepting manuscripts from all disciplines of study as they relate to child wellbeing. Scholars, academicians, practitioners, PhD and Masters students across the globe are welcome to contribute to this journal.



IJAC - Generating evidence to inform policy and practice in the best interest of children”

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