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Chief Editor  

Michael Bowen (PhD)
Director of Research, Consultancy and Publication
Daystar University
P.O. Box 44400-0100, Nairobi, Kenya

Associate Editor  

Rebecca Oladipo, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Department of Language and Performing Arts
Daystar University
P.O. Box 44400-0100 Nairobi, Kenya

Managing Editor  

Roseline Olumbe (PhD – Candidate)
Lecturer, Child Development
Assistant Coordinator, Institute of Child Development
Daystar University
P. O. Box 44400- 00100Nairobi


Nativity Petallars
Associate Professor of Christian Education
Associate Dean, Doctoral Studies
Program Director, Holistic Child Development
Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary
Ortigas Avenue Extension
Kaytikling, Taytay
1920 Rizal, Philippines
Email: npetallar@apnts.edu.ph


Catherine Stonehouse
Professor Emeritus
Asbury Theological Seminary


Vincent Sezibera
Associate Professor of Psychology and Acting Director of the Centre for Mental Health, College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS),
University of Rwanda (UR)


Lynette Okengo (PhD)
Doctor of Philosophy and Early Childhood Education
Executive Director, Africa Early Childhood Network
P. O. Box 15440-00509 Nairobi
Email: lokengo@gmail.com


Dr. Judy Krysik
Director, Center for Child Well being & (PhD.) Associate Professor
School of Social Work
Arizona State University
Email: judy.krysik@asu.edu
Tel: (602)496-0086


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