INFOSPOT Issue No. 7 | Special Edition 10th May, 2024

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Welcome to Daystar University

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Newsletter article #1

INFOSPOT Issue No. 9 | Special Edition | 10th May, 2024

PHOTO: Daystar University Nairobi Campus (LEFT) and Main Campus, Athi River (RIGHT)


Hello and a very warm welcome from the Orientation Team! Congratulations on your admission to Daystar University. We have been praying for you and are excited that you are finally here.

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Please take note of the following: 

The Orientation Week begins on Monday 13th May 2024 at Daystar University Main Campus Athi River and ends on Sunday 19th May 2024.

The Orientation Week programme for full time Day Students will also be availed in your physical Infopack.  

Click here to download full programmes for Evening Undergraduate & Postgraduate students and Certificate Students. Certificate students will report to Nairobi Campus located at the junction of Ngong Road and Valley Road roundabout opposite Nairobi Hospital and Kenyatta Hospital.  All undergraduate and diploma Day students will report to Daystar Main Campus Athi River. Please note that Orientation is mandatory for all new students. 

On Monday 13th May 2024, the Vice-chancellor will address all new Diploma and Undergraduate students and their parents/guardians at Daystar University Main Campus Athi River, from 10:00am to 12:30pm.  Please download the VC’s Welcome Address Programme  to Day Students and plan to attend. In the evening of the same day, the VC will welcome and address all postgraduate and evening students starting at 5:30pm.Click here to also download the Programme for Vice-chancellor’s Welcome Address to Evening students.

Daystar University Main Campus Athi River is located approximately 40 Kilometers from Nairobi, 5 kilometres off Mombasa Road turn-off.  If travelling from Nairobi and Athi River town, you should see a  6-metre high directional billboard after Greenpark Estate, immediately after the KENHA bridge, to direct you.  If approaching from Machakos or Mombasa, drive past the KENHA bridge and take the next U-Turn back to the Daystar billboard where you should turn left. Follow this location PIN for direction. In case you need any help, call +254 748 100 759.

The Orientation Week is meant to welcome you and get you acquainted with your University. It should also help you to make friends faster and give you an unforgettable freshman experience, as well as impact you spiritually and socially as you begin your academic journey on 13th May 2024.

Upon arrival, a group of amazing Daystarians specially selected from various student groups and ministries will receive and help you to get the best experience of our wonderful University. They make the Orientation Team.

Is Orientation Week necessary?

Yes! In fact, it is mandatory, and a very important part of the Daystar University culture. That said, we request your full presence and cooperation throughout this week.

  1. The Orientation Week runs from Monday 13th May to Sunday 19th May 2024:
  • All Diploma and Undergraduate students will report to Daystar University Main Campus Athi River.
  • Students and parents  travelling from far and arriving before 13th May can call +254 748 100 759 for help.
  • Postgraduate and Evening Undergraduate students will take their Orientation Virtually via Zoom every evening starting at 5:30pm. Login credentials will be sent to you directly via SMS.  We have also prepared a detailed Orientation Pack which you can access any time for guidance.  
  • There will be no classes during the Orientation Week.  Please be sure to attend all important activities lined up in the programme you will receive on arrival at the Main Campus in Athi River.
  • Each day has specific activities to be accomplished as outlined in the programme that you will receive at the Registration Desk upon arrival at the Main Campus in Athi River.
  • Accommodation will be offered to Boarders and there will be sufficient transport for Day Scholars commuting to Athi River Campus from Nairobi and its environs.  Please check the Fees Structure and pay the Orientation Fee for your respective category.
  •  All meals, transport and boarding services will be provided to you by the University in line with your student status either as a Boarder or a Day Scholar, under the Orientation Fee.
  • Boarders will be required to stay on campus at all times during Orientation Week, and Day Scholars will be required to be on Campus until 5:00pm daily when they board the bus to their respective homes or go to their off-campus hostels unless otherwise stated in the Orientation Programme.

Medical Cover:
All Day students are required to have medical cover as detailed in the Fees Structure. Students with a separate family cover are required to submit a letter from the insurance company by 24th May 2023 in order to get exemption from paying for Medical Cover. For more information contact Please note that the University does not accept the general NHIF cover. However, the comprehensive NHIF Cover for Civil Servants is accepted.

In case of an emergency  call: Cerry Jemutai - 0724-274822, Anita Ouma - 0722302065 or the University Nurse, Catherine Kamau - 0707681146.

VC's Welcome Address - Day Students Programmes
VC's Welcome Address - Evening Students Programme

Download the Orientation Programmes













Please Note

  • There will be verification of original certificates by Heads of Departments (HODs) on Monday 13th May 2024 for full time Diploma and Undergraduate students, and Saturday 18th May 2024 for evening undergraduate and postgraduate students, 8:00am to 2:00pm.  You are required to bring the following documents for certificate verification: both original and copies of academic certificate or result slip, school leaving certificate, National ID/Passport or Birth Certificate, admission letter, and 2 coloured passport size photos.  Those without passport size photos can take one on campus at a minimal fee.


  • Matriculation  Ceremony: On Wednesday 15th May 2024, all new Diploma and Undergraduate students will be required to attend a Matriculation Ceremony.  This is a special and important ceremony that involves swearing in and signing of a Consent Form to officially get admitted to Daystar University.  Please plan to attend as scheduled in the Orientation Programme.

  • Dress Code: All students are advised to always observe the Daystar University Dress Code as prescribed in the Students’ Handbook.  The dress code observance includes the Freshmen dinner on Friday 17th May 2024 and sports activities.

  • Freshmen Dinner : On the evening of Friday 17th May 2024, there will be a Freshmen Dinner which you are required to attend dressed up in dinner wear. Kindly bring along appropriate dinner wear, especially if you are boarding the entire period. The best dressed Freshmen will be awarded. You will be required to confirm attendance.


  • On Saturday 18th May 2024, all new students will be required to attend teambuilding and bonding activities at the Main Campus Athi River. Please bring along comfortable sportswear for this, including closed-toe sports shoes, water bottle, sunglasses, a hat/cap, as well as any necessary medication e.g., insulin, asthma inhalers etc. The only gadgets allowed on that day are mobile phones. Other gadgets like speakers are prohibited on the playground.

  • Owing to the weekend activities, ALL Day Scholars from both Athi River and Nairobi campuses will be required to stay at the Athi River Campus from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The Orientation Week will end on Sunday after Chapel service. Therefore, if this applies to you, you are encouraged to report packed on Friday morning for the activities on the programme.

  • Transport to Athi River will be available on Friday afternoon from Nairobi Campus.

  • Accommodation at Athi River Campus and transport back to Nairobi on Sunday afternoon will be availed.

  • On the evening of Saturday 18th May 2024, Daystar University Students Association (DUSA) shall host a Freshmen Night for new students to showcase their talents. Those interested are required to sign up with Orientation Team leaders to be scheduled for stage performance either individually or in pairs/groups.

  • On Sunday 19th May 2024, the Chaplaincy shall conduct a community Chapel service at the Amphitheater to close the Orientation Week.  All new students are required to attend.

Newsletter article #2

2.     Transport:
For Day Scholars commuting to the Athi River Campus daily, buses will leave the Nairobi Campus at 6:30am and Athi River Campus at 5:00pm daily, unless otherwise communicated.  If you will be picked along Mombasa Road, please call  0725695626/0725695626 / 0740561185 in the Transport Department.

3. Meals:

Boarders will be provided with all meals for the duration of the Orientation Week, while Day Scholars will be provided with meals at 10:00am and lunch hour daily, as well as all meals from Friday dinner until Sunday lunch hour.  Kindly inform Orientation Group Team leader about any special meal requirements as early as possible.


4. Accommodation:
It is highly recommended that ALL Freshmen board on campus during the Orientation Week. To Board during Orientation Week, all you are required to do is pay the orientation week boarding fee of Kes 7,500. For clarity, this includes freshmen from Nairobi Campus

5. Orientation fee for Day scholars is Kes 5,500. This applies to:

  • Athi River Campus Day Scholars commuting daily.

  • Athi River Campus students living off-campus.

  • Nairobi Campus Day students commuting daily

Those who choose to board will be hosted in University hostels at Athi River Campus from Monday 13th May through Sunday 19th May 2024.  After the Orientation Week, all Full-board Freshmen will be required to change rooms and move to their permanent hostels for the semester as booked on the Student Portal. If you are stuck, please call +254 748 100 759 for assistance.

Please beware of fraudsters who may solicit accommodation fee or commission to secure you a room off-campus. If unsure, please call +254 748 100 759.

Personal Effects: Remember to bring your personal effects (soaps, toothbrush/paste, bucket, towels, beddings, and slippers etc). Please note that the Athi River Campus gets quite cold at night and quite warm / hot during the day.  Plan to bring appropriate wear for both weather extremes.  A heavy blanket/duvet is advisable. Beds and mattresses will be provided by the University.

Why Board? 

  • You save time, energy and money on daily commute during orientation week.

  • You get the full orientation experience, including evening programmes custom-made with Freshmen in mind.

  • You spend quality time meeting new people and bonding with other Freshmen.

  • You get to know more about the on-campus student experience in one week.

Should you feel ‘lost’ or have any questions, contact your Orientation Team Leader or Email
or call: 0709 972 000 / 0748 100 759.

We wish you an enjoyable Orientation Week.  Once more, welcome to the Daystar family!

Yours sincerely,

Daystar University May  2024 Orientation Team


School of Arts & Social Sciences

Administrator: Evaline Onyango, 
Office: 2nd Annex - Opposite DAC; Athi River Campus: SBE 1st Floor
 +254 709 972 275

School of Business & Economics
Administrator: Regina Kemboi,  Office: 4th Floor DAC Building; Athi River: SBE 2nd Floor / 
+254 709 972 322

School of

Administrator:  Jane Kelly Mbithi, 
Office:  6th Floor DAC Building; Athi River Campus: SBE 1st Floor
+254 709 972 259

School of Science, Engineering & Health

Administrator: Lydia Ndubai
Office: 1st Floor ICT Building, Athi River
+254 709 972 502

School of  Applied Human Sciences

 Administrator: Dorothy Lavuna, 

Office:  5TH Floor DAC Building; Athi River Campus: SBE ground floor

+254 709 972 321

School of Nursing

Administrator: Dorcas Adamba,  Office: 2nd Floor DAC Building; Athi River Campus- School of Nursing 1st floor

+254 709 972 316

School of Law

Administrator: Grace Ndeto, 

Office: 1st Floor DAC Building

+254 709 972 210

Directorate or Graduate Studies:
Mercy Mugo (Administrator)


Directorate of Research - Lydia Musavwa- Lydia Musavwa- +254721665753

Daystar Leadership and Professional Development Institute

+254 709 972 288

All other Financial enquiries
+254 709 972 000

Nairobi Campus and Postgraduate students:
+254 709 972 251
Tabitha Wambua: 
+254 709 972 352

Athi River students:
+254 709 972530
+254 709972415

Financial Aid:
+254 748 778 075

University Library

International Students

Nairobi Campus: 0709972246

Main Campus Athi River: 0709972603

Campus Governors: 

Athi River Campus:  Ekusi Gabriel: 0759494660 

Nairobi Campus: Benedict Sogomi -  0741267772

Kindly SEND ONLY ONE EMAIL to the email indicated in your category for us to serve you better and faster.


Maurice Kioko

Admission and Registration
+254 709 972 623

Dr. Dorothy Kagwaini

Certificates verification - Nairobi Campus
+254 709 972 357

James Waita and Joshua

Certificate verification - Athi River
+254 709 972 294

Winnie Gathere

Registration and Timetable |
+254 709 972 444

Paul Nganga

Credit transfer queries 
+254 709 972 565


Tom Makunda

E-learning Support

Nairobi campus:

Susan Butuku, Sarah Murithi, Jane Kabochi

Athi River campus

Mary Shiundi

Email & Portal password reset
+254 709 972 324 | +254 709 972 293 | +254 709 972 452

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