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Doulos Team Builders & Freedom Base Camp

Doulos Ministry is a group made up of young, passionate and energetic Daystar University students seeking to serve God through the outdoors. The ministry concerns itself with team building, adventure expeditions and camping. Doulos Team Builders and Freedom Base Camp is the only fully fledged outdoor center in a University in the whole of the East and Central Africa.


is a place…..ten acres on the southern edge of Daystar University’s Athi River Campus, 40 KM from Nairobi. The setting is natural, tucked into the Lukenya Hills, home to Zebra, gazelles & other wildlife.


is an idea… People are born to be free. This site of a former detention camp for Mau Mau prisoners provides the possibility for men and women of all ages and status to discover greater freedom in life…. Emotionally, Spiritually, Cognitively, and Professionally.


is an experience…In attempting to meet various challenges, groups at freedom base experience new understanding of communication, cooperation, trust, self-reliance, team work, respect, judgment/decision making, inter/intra personal relationships, strengths, weakness, support and environmental care.


is an opportunity…. A chance to push yourself a little further than the usual, a time to explore your strengths and weakness in a group of people want to help you, a time to build stronger bonds with your friends, a time to sit and share a beautiful sunset or the warmth of a camp fire and talk about thing that matter.


is fun….everyone needs time to relax and enjoy away from their normal work routine amidst shouts of encouragement and calls for assistance, laughter is the dominant sound at freedom base.


is for you….corporate teams, youth groups, church fellowships, a group of friends….there is something for everyone. Managers, ministry teams, lawyers, doctors, street kids, university students, business leaders and families, you will all find something special for you at freedom base.

When you arrive at the freedom base you will be welcomed by young, knowledgeable, energetic and enthusiastic team of facilitators. You will wonder about the simple structures scattered around. Soon you will discover their riches. If you want a higher challenge, try the High ropes, designed for both individual and group, the high ropes course welcomes you to try new initiatives while balancing nearly ten meters above the ground on logs, ropes and steel cables.

 Each of these challenges has been designed to enable participants to discover new levels of community and self-understanding. The experiences of thousands of people world over have demonstrated the value of this approach to team building and leadership development.




For further enquiries contact the Doulos Coordinator on Email: or  call 0709 972 000.


Elements at Freedom Base

  • The Great Wall
  • The Trust Fall
  • The Web
  • The Mohawk
  • The Maze
  • The Wild Woozy
  • The Bomb Squad
  • The High Ropes (features 5 elements, the basket, the vine, the catwalk and the dangling duo among many other exciting initiatives that are bound to give you that great outdoor adventure experience.