Daystar University is a non-denominational Christian institution, a community of believers from various ethnic groups, nations and church communions. It is expected that students will exemplify a God-controlled life, both on and off the Daystar campuses. As guides for individual and group actions within this community, the University affirms the following general principles of conduct. These principles serve as the basis for regulations concerning student conduct.

  1. A student should constantly remember that he or she is an “ambassador of Christ” and should make sure that his or her behavior does not bring reproach to the Saviour.
  2. When a student sees a brother or sister whose life appears to fall short of this standard in some particular area, it is his or her responsibility to go to that person privately and to “speak the truth in love”, with the aim of helping that brother or sister to walk worthy of the Lord.
  3. There are significant parts of the body of Christ served by the Daystar Community who believe that certain behaviors are sinful or unbecoming of a Christian. We recognize that sincere followers of Jesus Christ honestly differ in their view in some areas, and we recognize that Christians in other contexts might order their lives somewhat differently. However, we also believe that as a community, we should govern our lives so as to maintain the ministry of Daystar to the whole Church in Africa and to support Daystar’s witness to people from all walks of life.

The mission of Daystar University is to train and equip servant leaders for the expansion of God’s kingdom in the world, with special focus on Africa. The emphasis is on equipping Christians for effective service in the communities where they live and serve so as to win disciples for the kingdom of God. To this end, the Gospel should be effectively communicated by every Christian, the laity and the ordained, the businessman or businesswoman and the teacher, the technologist and the professor. It is our prayer that students will develop life habits that will help them communicate God’s word to their neighbors.


Students Handbok

The Daystar University Students Handbook contains the code which stipulates the expected conduct of a Daystar University student with regard to academic responsibilities, dress code and social life. The hand book also provides information on corrective and disciplinary processes undertaken in the wake of breach of the code of conduct. It also provides information on students’ life highlights academic and social life of the students at the University as well as general information of the essential services offered at the University to facilitate learning.    Download Student Handbook Here.


Daystar University Students Association (DUSA)

Daystar University not only provides for academic learning but also provides forums for students to learn and practice servant leadership. The Students’ Association and clubs provide such opportunities where leadership abilities can be developed and practiced.

Daystar University Students Association (DUSA) is the student government whose aim is to initiate, develop and maintain a more effective and productive student life, and to enhance a healthy relationship between the administration, staff and students. Students can also serve in any of Dusa standing committees which include Electoral Commission, Sports and Recreation Committee, Food and Health Committee, Housing Committee, Transport Committee, Clubs and Associations Committee, Audit Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Communication Affairs Committee, Events Management Committee and Campus Standing Committee.

A comprehensive account of the aims, membership, executive, standing committees and other matters related to the Association are contained in the DUSA Constitution.

All Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the Constitution in order to take meaningful participation in DUSA activities. Ample copies of the Constitution are available in the reserve section of the library, Student Affairs Office and the DUSA offices.